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March 20, 2016

Quality of channel over Quantity of channels

We spend a lot of time speaking with retailers who want to be able to sell on as many channels as possible. Many are hesitant to move forward when they learn we don't support a channel that they think is important.

  • Prospective client: How could you not support
  • Zentail reply: gets less than 500,000 visits per month...

When you think about the keys to growing your online retail business, it helps to understand the data. There is a very strong correlation between traffic and revenue. Below is a chart of monthly unique visits.



As with most other things in life, with online retail it's more about quality of the channel than quantity of channels. In our previous post we covered Google Shopping. It turns out isn't the only place consumers go to search for products. Google, via Google Shopping's cost-per-click model, should be thought of as a top 3 marketplace in the United States.

Likewise, Walmart is in the midst of opening up to marketplace sellers. With 21 million unique visits per month, you're damn right we're working on making the channel available to our retailers.

At Zentail, we focus on what we call the Big 5 sales channels -- Google Shopping, Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and These are the channels that we have identified as the most valuable for retailers to have exposure to. These channels deserve attention because of the traffic they attract now and the traffic they stand to attract moving forward.

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