Get Launched on Walmart Marketplace

Gain brand exposure through the largest omnichannel retailer in the world with Zentail, the easiest-to-use operations platform for Walmart sellers.
Go Multichannel

Dodge Common Setbacks

Walmart Marketplace has become the talk of the town in ecommerce. With the power to give sellers 13x more exposure than on Amazon, the marketplace has rapidly gained attention. Yet, many Walmart sellers today endure sharp growing pains as the company continues to develop its third-party ecosystem. Zentail helps you to avoid common challenges by making everything from setup to optimization easy.
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Rocky Integration

Publish your catalog to Walmart in half the time and with fewer errors.

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Falling Behind

Stay ahead of technical changes—plus your competitors—with AI automation.

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Unreliable Tools

Supercharge Seller Center with tools that offer additional visibility, clarity and control.

Power Up Your Listings

Whether you’re importing your entire catalog or creating listings one at a time, Zentail keeps costly errors at bay. Easily manage your listings from one place and avoid a cluttered catalog as you build, organize and optimize listings.
Leverage our SMART Types system to auto-format product data according to Walmart’s constantly-changing requirements
Automatically add the 2-day tag to applicable listings for higher organic rankings and buy-box win rates
Edit listings in bulk or run automation rules to more easily update SKUs across your entire catalog
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Manage Prices—The Way You Want

Stay in good standing with Walmart while protecting your margins. Zentail helps you to analyze the effectiveness of your pricing strategy and monitors your prices 24/7 so that they never get out of hand.
Retain price parity by setting custom pricing rules or syncing your Walmart prices with your Amazon (or other sales channel) prices
Manage strikethrough pricing to entice buyers to make a purchase before your promotion ends
Easily track sales performance, margins, total shipping costs and more over time to understand the
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Simplify Inventory Management

Avoid out-of-stock scares or over-purchasing on inventory. With Zentail, you can ensure that listed quantities are updated with every sale you make, and understand which products are worth reordering.
Enable real-time multichannel sync and inventory thresholds to avoid overselling
Accurately track inventory for product kits and bundles
Forecast demand in real time and make purchasing decisions directly in Zentail based on sales velocity, opportunity cost and other critical factors
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More Zentail Features

Purchase Orders

Automate PO creation and reorder products in real time.

Product Information Management

Keep product data clean, organized and accurate in one central location.


Automatically route multichannel orders to the right warehouses and track their statuses.


Understand how your business is performing and pull custom reports whenever you need.


Connect Zentail to your preferred shipping software, WMS, 3PL and more.


No Cut Corners & All About People

Our motto is simple: work hard and be nice to people. In practice that means no half-baked features. No cookie-cutter solutions. No robotic phone calls. We’re simply humans trying to help other humans succeed by offering high-quality software and top-notch support.
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