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Introducing the only AI-powered PIM technology that can translate your product data for today’s biggest marketplaces.

Preserve the Quality of Your Product Data

Your product listings are only as good as the quality of your data. But when you’re selling on multiple channels, it’s easy for that data to get lost or jumbled. Zentail’s SMART Types tech makes sure that all of your product data gets transported safely to each destination.

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Automate product mapping

Load product data into Zentail once, then let SMART Types automatically categorize and sync your data to the right fields on each marketplace.

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Stay compliant 24/7

Zentail’s SMART Types watches for changes to listing requirements and auto-updates your data so that you don’t experience downtime in your sales.

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Create high-quality listings

Increase your rankings with the help of automated recommendations, which identify advanced attributes that you should add to create a competitive listing in your category.

Establish One Source of Truth

The more channels you sell on, the harder it becomes to keep your data synchronized. Zentail provides one place for you to store, edit and monitor your product information so that no channel or product suffers from poor-quality, inaccurate listings.

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Deliver consistent experiences

Set the right customer expectations everywhere you sell with rich, optimized product data. Reduce returns stemming from "item not as described."
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Ensure quality control

Never lose sight of any changes to your catalog. Zentail will log team-wide activity and enforce tiered access levels to ensure data consistency.

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Scale faster and farther

By having SKUs and product data all in one place, you can avoid having to re-enter the same information multiple times and expand to new channels faster than ever.

Manage Your Catalog with Superhuman Speed

Whether you have hundreds of SKUs or thousands, Zentail’s catalog tools allow you to manage your catalog with ease. Using Zentail, the average seller saves 100+ hours a month by establishing more efficient ways to manage everything from pricing to titles.

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Make every click count

Avoid duplicate work and apply specific rules (like adjusting your price for certain sales channels) or changes to a group of SKUs in your catalog.

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Easily customize your data

Tailor your listings to each marketplace to increase your chances of landing a sale. Customize your data SKU-by-SKU or all at once via bulk actions.

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Avoid tangled data

As you make changes to your catalog, rest assured that Zentail will distinguish between core product data vs. variant-specific data vs. channel-specific attributes.

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It is incredibly easy to start selling on new channels with Zentail's SMART Types system. My products are automatically categorized and immediately synchronized with the right product attributes. It has made the transition to online sales a pleasure.
David Black, Penn Jersey Paper Company

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