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Introducing the only AI-powered PIM software that keeps up with the changing tide of ecommerce.

Keep the Data Flowing

A strong supply chain is rooted in good product data. Too often this data gets siloed within Seller Central, decreasing in accuracy as it gets duplicated across other systems. Centralize your product data in Zentail to keep it flowing seamlessly.  

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example of how zentail automatically maps product attributes
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Automate product mapping

Load product data into Zentail once, then let SMART Types automatically categorize and map your data to the right fields on Amazon.   

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Clean and enrich data

Zentail’s SMART Types keeps an eye on changes to marketplace requirements and translates or auto-updates data to keep you compliant. 

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Expand beyond Amazon

Create new revenue streams by listing your catalog to new marketplaces. Avoid retyping data and go multichannel in a few simple clicks. 

Manage Your Catalog with Superhuman Speed

Time is money. And yet, most sellers are trapped working at one speed—either because of Seller Central limitations or disjointed processes. Zentail keeps your data uniform, while offering the automation to make creating or editing your catalog easier than ever. 

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Make every click count

Our AI solution assigns the right Amazon categories and item specifics to your ASINs, preventing errors. 

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Audit your product data

Import, export or filter data whenever you want, however way you want. Detect holes via Zentail’s error-reporting tools or custom reports.  

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Ensure quality control

Automatically log any changes to your catalog. Monitor team-wide activity and tiered access levels to ensure data consistency. 

Clone SKUs for Amazon and Other Channels

Selling two similar products? Have a product that applies to both FBA and FBM? With Zentail’s product cloning tool, you can quickly spin up multiple listings from one SKU to sell on Amazon, eBay, Walmart and elsewhere.

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Merge duplicate SKUs

Reduce errors by linking duplicate SKUs, like related FBA and FBM SKUs, together and managing them as one in Zentail.
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Grow your online reach

Customize the images, titles and descriptions of your SKUs to every channel you sell on.

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Avoid tangled data

An edit to one SKU doesn’t have to affect another. With SKUs tied to the same inventory, Zentail also prevents overselling. 
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It is incredibly easy to start selling on new channels with Zentail's SMART Types system. My products are automatically categorized and immediately synchronized with the right product attributes. It has made the transition to online sales a pleasure.
David Black, Penn Jersey Paper Company

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