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You’re here because you want to grow your gross merchandise value right? You’re probably already selling on Amazon and doing reasonably well. Sure, you want to grow your revenue on Amazon — but you probably realize by branching out to other marketplaces, you can grow a whole lot faster.  Check out our calculator to estimate your growth and what that growth will cost you.

Zentail Customer Testimonial

Zentail customers grow their off-Amazon GMV by roughly 50% in one year

If Amazon isn’t your largest channel, we got you covered.  We’ll just make your largest channel your primary channel so you can focus on growing GMV through other marketplaces. This is especially helpful for brands that have significant sales on their web store and want to expand to Amazon or other channels! 

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Our mission is to help you grow sales revenue and ensure that you can plan for what that growth is going to cost you.

Sellers using Zentail pay a base fee and an Off-Amazon GMV Tier fee.  That’s it. Your GMV Tier fee doesn’t change until you grow your off-Amazon GMV by $500K. At that point, you move to the next tier.  You know exactly what growth will cost you - and you’ll get there with Zentail.

What's Your 5 Year Plan Look Like?

To grow GMV on other marketplaces quickly you’re going to need to do the following and do them well at a fixed cost that doesn’t change month to month.

Ensure you’re using listing tools that leverage your time and sanity when it comes to product listing

Ensure your customers have a consistent experience across every channel

Ensure orders are delivered on time and are exactly what the customer expects

Ensure you know what growth is going to cost you - no surprises


With Zentail, you can grow your Amazon GMV to your heart's content - it's included in our base fee. We're focused on your
off-Amazon GMV growth so let's see what's in store for you these next 5 years...

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