Price for Profit 

Gain a competitive edge without compromising your profits

Walmart and Amazon Repricers that Work for You

When you’re competing against other ecommerce sellers, pricing your products can feel like a race to the bottom. Zentail changes that. Our advanced repricing engine lets you stay competitive while driving up your profits whenever possible. 

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Win the buy box

Zentail’s repricers react dynamically to buy box winners so you never miss a beat, no manual setup required. 

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Profit from every sale

Set minimum prices to protect your margins and let Zentail gradually raise your prices without losing buy box ownership.

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Enable repricing by SKU

Decide when to automate pricing by simply enabling/disabling your repricers for specific SKUs or marketplaces. 

Your Business, Your Rules

Zentail provides a single system for overseeing all of your pricing strategies. Gain an easy-to-use interface, coupled with real-time inventory data and tools for controlling where to sell your available stock.

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Schedule sales and promos

Run limited-time or ongoing sales by simply uploading your sales price to Zentail, either through a bulk import or automated actions.

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Set different FBA and FBM pricing 

Adjust prices on your FBM products without impacting any pricing strategies applied to your FBA items.

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Or, enforce price parity

Easily sync prices across all of your products and/or sales channels for consistency. Set prices manually or apply automation rules.

Monitor the True Impact of Your Prices

Measure the success of your pricing strategies with minute-by-minute feedback on your earnings. Zentail keeps constant watch over your revenue and profit margins, letting you test, analyze and adapt prices faster than ever. 

Peek at Our Buy Box Reports
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Pinpoint your best sellers

Group your inventory by sales rank, profit and a dozen of other ways for a clear idea of what to restock versus retire.

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Factor in operational costs

See how commission fees, sales tax and shipping rates affect your overall profit. Make quick, accurate adjustments.

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Track your buy box wins

Get on-demand reports showing you which SKUs won the buy box and how many sales your earned as a result.

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Repricing for Amazon’s Buy Box was so manual in ChannelAdvisor that, when onboarding to Zentail, I specifically asked to not participate in Zentail’s Buy Box Repricer. I’m so glad my onboarding specialist convinced me to try it out...We’re now winning the Buy Box and doing so profitably
Martin mitchell, dnw outdoors

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