From Listing to Conversion

Unlock the full potential of your product listings with the industry’s best listing automation software.

Reach Your Customers Wherever They Shop

Don’t let your brand become a sitting duck. Join your customers on Amazon, Walmart and their other favorite marketplaces. Zentail makes multichannel selling a no-brainer by making it possible to list your products to various channels within minutes.

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Create high-quality listings everywhere

Be it Amazon, eBay or your Shopify Site, Zentail is able to translate your product data for each channel so that you can avoid listing errors or miscategorization.

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Optimize for marketplace SEO

Customize your content, add advanced attributes and manage pricing for each channel—all within Zentail. Automatically earn special tags (like Walmart 2-Day) wherever you qualify.

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Manage listing variations with ease

Create the optimal browsing experience on your website and/or marketplaces with tools that make it easy to group or ungroup related SKUs.

Tame Your Multichannel Catalog

Marketplace listing requirements are constantly changing—sometimes overnight. Protect yourself from unexpected listing errors and downtime using the only change management solution offered today.

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Put your trust in automation

Respond to marketplaces changes 10x faster than the average seller. Zentail can automatically reformat your catalog data according to new requirements.

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Stomp out errors

Monitor for listing errors using Zentail’s Listing Status report and receive clear instructions for how to resolve any issues right away.

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Make edits in bulk

Choose from Zentail’s QuickEdit tool, automation rules and/or custom imports in order to make edits to various listings at once.

Unlock the Power of Kits and Bundles

Gain a competitive edge and increase your average order value by selling your products as multipacks or bundles. Zentail simplifies the logistics of managing kits by keeping your listings, orders and inventory in check.

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Sell your products in packs 

Publish listings for 3-packs, 4-packs or 10-packs of your products without disrupting any listings or sales around single units of the same SKU.

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Offer virtual bundles

Let customers choose which items to buy together. Zentail will auto-route and track inventory around bundled items so that your orders don’t get confused.

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Grow online sales by 20%

Zentail users see an average increase of 20% in GMV from selling kits and bundles. Create your own kitting strategy without complicating your workflow.

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With Zentail, our revenue grew 50% overnight by having properly listed products on the various channels and an inventory system that made it easy to scale our operations.
Allen Doan, Cácee

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