Zentail vs. ChannelAdvisor

The New Era of Product Information Management

AI-powered PIM tools that do the heavy lifting for you.
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Modernize Your Operations

ChannelAdvisor is known for being one of the largest multichannel platforms with the most marketplace integrations. But at almost 20 years old, ChannelAdvisor is now struggling to meet the needs of modern-day sellers.

See why more and more sellers are upgrading to Zentail. Discover the advantages of partnering with today's leading commerce operations platform and a team you can trust.

Why Zentail is the Best ChannelAdvisor Alternative


62% Growth

In the first year from improved workflows and new channels

12% Growth

Growth stunted by slow, unreliable integrations

customer experience


3-day response times, even when something's urgent

Five-Star Rated

U.S. based team with 30-minute response times

data quality

Clunky and Confusing

Cluttered dashboards and hidden menus

overall satisfaction

Intuitive Interface

Easy, thoughtful navigation

Severely Lacking

Patchy integrations that lead to overselling and listing errors

Exceeds Expectations

Reliable integrations that improve seller performance

High Precision

Centralized, accurate and secure data


Manual mapping and error-prone workflows

Highest Rated

Mutual trust and respect—your success is our highest priority

Consistently Low

Many complaints of feeling trapped in expensive contracts

What Sellers Have to Say About Zentail

I quit a free year of ChannelAdvisor three months in to make the switch to Zentail (yes, I went from something free to something I’m now paying for). That was the best switch I could have made… No other company I’ve worked with has gone above and beyond in the way these folks have.”
Martin Mitchell, DNW Outdoors

How the Features Stack Up


Automatic Product Categorization

Product Kitting and Bundling

AI PIM Technology

AI Forecasting and Workflows

User-Friendly Interface

International Sales Channels

Purchase Order Management