Zentail vs. ChannelAdvisor

The New Era of Product Information Management

AI-powered PIM tools that do the heavy lifting for you.
"There’s a reason why ChannelAdvisor sellers love Zentail. Aside from getting a modern platform that delivers on its promises, they get the industry’s best support team—at no extra cost. We don’t nickel and dime our sellers, and we make sure that whether through our automation or our incredible support team, our users are taken care of."

- Mike Meck, Implementation Manager

What does it take to switch from ChannelAdvisor to Zentail?
See a checklist that Mike put together.

Replatform from ChannelAdvisor to Zentail

After helping so many ChannelAdvisor sellers switch to Zentail, we’ve gotten pretty darn good at minimizing the work (and stress) on your plate. Download this free checklist to see what it takes to go from ChannelAdvisor to Zentail

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Go Multichannel Without Breaking a Sweat

We know we don’t have all the channels that ChannelAdvisor does and we’re completely okay with that. We focus on the channels that matter so that when you work with Zentail, you know that you’re not spending money on channels that you’ll never touch, rather those that have a long-lasting impact on your business.

Is Good Service Important To You?

Hint: it should be. Poor service is a big reason why sellers leave their software—because the truth is, nothing will ever go perfectly. If you want a team that’s there for you when you need them, choose Zentail. We offer “out-of-the-box” support at no extra cost (plus, our users rave about our support team).

How the Features Stack Up


Automatic Product Categorization

Product Kitting and Bundling

AI PIM Technology

Cross-channel Product Data Translation

User-Friendly Interface

International Sales Channels


Automatic Change Management

* Full for support for Amazon North America. Full support for Amazon EU except listings. Support for eBay Global Shipping Program.

With Zentail, our revenue grew 50% overnight—by having properly listed products on the various channels and an inventory system that made it easy to scale our operations.
Allen Doan, Director
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We get that it all comes down to ROI

You’re probably not surprised to hear that in 90% of cases, a seller’s investment with Zentail is lower than with ChannelAdvisor. Beyond the invoice, however, we save sellers time. Their workflows are faster, their listings are expedited and, with more robust and accurate product data, they’re bringing in more sales too. How do you like them apples?!


Sellers see 30% more GMV by expanding their listing with Zentail.

No nickel and diming here

With Zentail, you get a clear contract where every channel, plus support, is included. Sell on two channels or five—it’s all the same to us. Invite three users or 10—they’re all covered by your plan. We don’t “tax your business.” Our only goal is to turn your team into a Top 1% seller.

What Coco Peterson With
Candle Warmers Has to Say About Zentail

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How Easy Is It to Go from ChannelAdvisor to Zentail?

See for yourself! Download this checklist to view all the steps for switching from ChannelAdvisor to Zentail.

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How is this possible?

The difference is in why and how we’re built. ChannelAdvisor was built to work well with eBay back in 2001, when “user experience” wasn’t a concept. Fast forward to today, when marketplaces are commonplace and where “intuitive software” is a must. Legacy software isn’t built to adapt like Zentail is. ChannelAdvisor was built for a specific task, whereas Zentail was built for a flexible seller workflow. Our tech is also built to keep up with the unpredictable nature of modern commerce and to expect change, not be surprised by it.