Why Brands Sell on Amazon
& Other Marketplaces

"Marketplaces are for individual sellers, not serious brands."Ā 

That may have been the rhetoric ten years ago, but the conversation has changed drastically since then.

If you're not selling on marketplaces, then you're falling behind. A winning ecommerce strategy involves selling on multiple channels, especially when Amazon, eBay and others are already attracting your competitors.

Not convinced? Read this ebook to learn:

  • Common myths of multichannel selling
  • Why marketplaces are trusted and integrated into your customers' daily shopping behaviors
  • How brands like Levi's and Hewlett-Packard (HP)Ā are using Google, Facebook Marketplaces and more to drive traffic to their websites
  • How marketplaces give you a competitive edge
  • TheĀ dangers of concentration risk in ecommerce
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