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Opportunities are endless outside of Amazon's universe—expand your business to other channels with the power of AI automation.
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Escape the Shackles of Amazon

Amazon is today's greatest ecommerce channel, making it all too easy to become over-reliant on it. It only takes one mistake or one policy change for many Amazon businesses to go extinct. Diversification protects you from these forces and lets you conquer Amazon instead of letting Amazon conquer you. 
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+20% New Revenue

through greater brand reach

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3x Channel Diversification

for long-term resilience

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$100:1 Return on Investment

from new, open marketplaces

Go Multichannel Without Breaking a Sweat

The Zentail platform is pre-built for multichannel. With Zentail, you get a full suite of tools that make launching to new channels ridiculously easy.
  • Our SMART Types and inventory tools get you set up automatically—you just need to flip the switch.
  • Your only other task: set up fulfillment preferences, pricing rules and other extra benefits to customize Zentail to your needs.

Keep Your Eye on Every Channel from One Place

Go multichannel without doubling your workload. Zentail keeps your product data, listings and inventory in pristine condition while providing one central location to perform vital functions. 

  • Multichannel inventory sync
  • Intelligent order routing
  • Forecasting and purchasing 
  • Bulk actions and business rules

Zentail vs. The Other Guys

Zentail is the only platform built for an accelerating world, complete with AI-powered tools that do the heavy lifting for you.

Our platform doesn’t just let you shop for new channels. It drives growth by connecting you with the channels that offer the best return for your time.

McCombs Supply

McCombs processes thousands of orders a day across several ecommerce platforms, so my job would be chaotic—or near impossible, to be honest—had it not been for Zentail and the integrations and automations it provides.
Jose Lopez III, Operations Manager

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