Keep Your Inventory in Check

Stay in control of inventory levels and costs, no matter how many channels you sell on.

Avoid Overselling on Any Channel

Sell freely on multiple channels, without having to worry about your inventory getting out of hand. Zentail keeps a close watch over available stock, reserved stock, inbound shipments, and more so that you never run the risk of overselling.

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Real-time inventory tracking

The minute you receive an order, your shopping carts, marketplaces and warehouses will be updated to reflect accurate quantities.

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Set inventory thresholds

Avoid stockouts of popular items by limiting how many units can be sold on each channel and reserving one channel to sell the last units.

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Track kits and bundles

Zentail will update inventory for both the single and bundled units of a SKU, so you don’t show false quantities on any listing.

Stock Up on the Right Stuff

Strike the balance between having too much and too little stock. Zentail’s AI-powered tools enable you to forecast demand, and to avoid tying up capital in slow-moving items or selling out of your top sellers.

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Forecast demand by channel

Monitor sales velocity, vendor costs, lead times, profit margins and more to make restocking decisions based on expected profit.

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Manage opportunity cost

Know how much profit is on the line if you stock out for any number of days. Reorder at precisely the right time to maximize cash flow.

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Allow pre-orders of products

Handle inbound shipments in Zentail and make sure items stay listed, so you can keep selling while items are en route.

Manage FBA, FBM and Your 3PL—All in One Place

Track inventory movement of your finished goods from start to finish. Get a bird’s eye view of your warehouses and keep them synced in Zentail so that no unit is left unaccounted for. Integrate your favorite WMS and inventory tools into Zentail, too, for easy management.

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Pick from the right stock

Sell from your FBA or FBM stockpiles—or both. Zentail lets you set warehouse priorities or list items from both piles at once.

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Know what’s ready to sell

Stay ahead of on-hand quantity, assembled quantity, reserved quantity and other stock levels for every warehouse.

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Manage FBA shipments

Create, edit and track your FBA inbound shipments directly from Zentail. Add SKUs to shipments, include prep instructions and more.

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We have a complex supply chain with multiple fulfillment warehouses. Zentail has taken the headache out of monitoring every single order. Their inventory sync and auto-routing technology has been a lifesaver—especially over the holiday season!
Jerry Bloomberg, La Toys Etcetera

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