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Our Capterra Reviews Are Out of This World

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Creating listings and posting to all the web sites could not be easier. Managing selling prices by using the dynamic re-pricer is great. Zentail worked closely with me to customize an order export file that works perfect within my business model. Customer service is always friendly, eager to help and thorough. Bulk updating prices is a breeze with the import/export feature. Managing real time inventory is as easy as pie using the import feature. Smart Re Order is a great feature to help forecasting proper inventory levels. The success dashboard is a great tool to help manage products on all the websites. The Analytics tool is great to see what products are hot and what are not, what is making money and what is not.

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Customer 5 Star Review

Ken M.
Vice President

I love that we can create a product listing in one place and push information and inventory to multiple channels. Zentail makes me feel like a partner. Their support is awesome!

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Robert C.

With Zentail, we are able to be "power sellers", in that our inventory is managed in one software, and we can manage multiple channels listings, data, sales, etc. from one platform. I love how easy it is to load a product (with the right data), flip switches and it's listed on all the channels you have hooked up! Easy to use interface, easy to see back end records (who changed what, and when) and diagnosing issues of products/listings. The API is nice to pull and do some custom programmed automated analysis.

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Ben G.
Director of Ecommerce

You get to work with a fantastic team that is there to help you every step of the way. I can see how sales are going, what parts we are selling the most of, and most importantly - I have access to all orders that are placed. It allows me to search orders using username, part numbers, customer name, email address, etc Can update listings for all sites directly on Zentail

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Customer 5 Star Review

Steven W.
Customer Service

My clients doubled their eCommerce sales in 30 days after installing the Zentail software. Zentail allows my clients, with the click of a few buttons, to post their products across many different eCommerce channels. What previously would take hours now has been shortened down to minutes. The best part is when a client recently installed the Zentail software, they saw their online sales double in 30 days. I am very impressed not only with the ease of use but the ease of getting up and running. The staff is awesome to work with. With a couple of conference webinars, we were fully installed across multiple sales channels. I did my research and found several options in the multi-channel market but kept coming back to Zentail. I am glad I did because it could not have worked out better.

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Customer 5 Star Review

Rob G.
Head of Ecommerce

Zentail has been a game-changer for our inventory management. As a reseller selling on multiple sales channels (Amazon, WalMart, etc), we have had problems in the past with keeping track of inventory, keeping certain brands off unauthorized sales-channels, and keeping content consistent across channels. Not anymore! Zentail has saved us time and energy so we can focus on big-picture projects instead of inventory management maintenance. Everybody in our company uses Zentail a little differently, but there's features for everybody.  Every now and then we'll run into a bug or have a question about a feature, and Zentail's support team has always been very responsive and helpful. The overall interface is very clean and easy to understand.

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Justin H.
Creative Director

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"Great For Multichannel Management"

I love how Zentail made it possible for me to scale to multiple platforms with ease with a very small team.

Zentail has helped me get the order of fulfillment for different products correctly as I fulfill from multiple different warehouses and 3PLs.

Jason S.
Ecommerce Manager

"User-Friendly Software With Amazing Support"

I love how user-friendly the interface of the software is, and that there is always available support through chat or help articles. I also really appreciate that the team at Zentail listens to any suggestions and truly takes the feedback into consideration. I feel very supported through using the system, and know that I will have a knowledgeable team behind me if I need assistance.

Working with Zentail has truly streamlined our process and enabled us to grow our business. Being able to manage our inventory and products in one system and continually add to new channels has been an excellent asset for us.

Kira S.
Ecommerce Manager

"Absolutely Amazing"

Onboarding was simple when changing from our previous system--quick and easy transition. It has been great for maintaining our inventory, running daily reports for our bookkeeper, and multi-channel selling.

We no longer have an issue with over selling, which had become a major problem with our last system.

Martin M.
Head of Ecommerce

Even More Thrilled Customer Reviews

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"Tech support is great!"

I have used Zentail for about 2 years and I will continue to use it. It is super user friendly and easy to navigate. Any questions I have or issue are quickly address via the chat which is super convenient.

"Excellent on-boarding, customization, and support"

After failing 2 previous times to implement an E-commerce Integration Platform, I have had extraordinary success with Zentail.

They spent significant time working with us to learn our work flow. Our work flow was then seamlessly integrated into Zentail. The program has allowed us to use one platform to expand our listings into multiple selling platforms.

We are impressed that Zentail doesn't seem to have too many bugs, and this is impressive considering the number of platforms, API's, and misc programs Zentail has to push and receive data from.Their integration team has worked very closely with us to ensure Zentail is working as promised.

"They keep getting better and better!"

I would highly recommend Zentail based solely on the professionalism and the customer help. They keep getting better and better, and they listen to your needs. I could not have gotten things up on Walmart and Amazon without them. Support is always there, and always helpful. Multi Channel listing options are quick with lots of channels to connect with and list things quickly

CoCo From Candle Warmers

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Zentail has dramatically expanded our ecommerce sales channels beyond our expectations. The operations management suite and multichannel analytics have made us more efficient, allowing us to spend time focusing on selling even more products.
Sergei Hagley, Ecommerce Manager

The World’s Greatest Team

We don’t just take pride in our software. Our support team is out of this world. While nothing will ever go perfectly when you embark on a multichannel mission, you can trust that our ground crew has your back no matter what issue or question arises. 

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