6 Brand Control Strategies
for Marketplace Merchants

Selling on today's top marketplaces doesn't have to mean throwing caution to the wind. There are key steps that your brand can take to quell the lingering fear at the back of your mind:

"How do I stay in control of my brand while selling on Amazon, eBay and other marketplaces?"

Download this ebook for expert tips on how to responsibly launch to new channels and make marketplaces work for you. This ebook covers:

  • Common concerns shared by brands that are interested in selling DTC via marketplaces
  • How to protect your brand from sabotage and counterfeits
  • How to increase brand recognition while selling on a third-party platform
  • Tips for managing (and coexisting with) resellers that are already selling online
  • The benefits of a strong commerce operations management (COM) strategy
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