Buyer Persona Examples for Amazon,,, eBay, and Google Shopping


September 27, 2017

When you're marketing your products across multiple channels, it's important to understand who you're marketing to. We've put together an overview of some buyer persona examples of consumers shopping each major online marketplace.

Amazon Buyer Persona

  • Conditioned by Amazon to have extremely high expectations.
  • Conditioned by Amazon to not be loyal to specific 3rd party marketplace sellers.
  • Value low prices but willing to sacrifice for convenience. You'll want to have Prime-eligible listings by using FBA or Seller Fulfilled Prime.
  • Appreciate a friendly and helpful marketing tone that clearly communicates why they should purchase from you. Be sure to differentiate your offering.
  • May be coming to Amazon directly, without comparison shopping other channels.

Walmart Marketplace Buyer Persona

  • Price sensitive.
  • Significantly rural.
  • Lower income.
  • Families looking for one-stop convenience.
  • Many visitors come to the site searching for in-store pickup.
  • May have searched Google and clicked on a Google Shopping ad paid for by Walmart. Marketplace Buyer Persona

  • Early adopters and deal seekers.
  • May also be inclined to also have a Costco membership.
  • Millennials, Generation Y.
  • Young families purchasing for the home.
  • Females purchasing for the family.
  • Drug store / consumable, home goods categories
  • May have searched Google and clicked on a Google Shopping ad paid for by

eBay Buyer Persona

  • Price sensitive.
  • Friendly.
  • Inclined to give feedback and expecting to receive feedback from the seller.
  • Loyal to eBay, like to provide feedback.
  • Many professionals purchasing for business purposes.
  • Shopping for products of New and Used condition.
  • May have searched Google and clicked on a Google Shopping ad paid for by eBay.

Google Shopping Buyer Persona

  • Comparison shoppers starting at, clicked on a Google Shopping Ad.
  • Comparison shoppers starting at, sorting results based on price.

Google Shopping Actions (Express) Buyer Persona

  • Early adopters and supporters of major retailers like Costco, Target and Home Depot looking for a centralized "shopping mall" experience.
  • People on Google web properties (search) being served a Shopping Actions ad unit that redirects them to Google Express.

If you'd like to contribute to these buyer persona example profiles, we welcome you to share your feedback! Reach out to us at

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