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5 Reasons for Getting Unpublished on Walmart Marketplace

Team Zentail
May 5, 2017
February 10, 2019

When selling on Walmart Marketplace, it's important to understand the reasons why your listings may be unpublished.

Here's a quick overview:

1. Uncompetitive Pricing

If your pricing is not competitive compared to the equivalent listing on Amazon and other channels, your listing will be unpublished. Learn more about pricing for success on Walmart.

2. Equal Pricing Between 1P (Walmart) and 3P (Marketplace seller)

If a seller (3P) has the same price as Walmart (1P), 1P gets the priority as customer experience is higher because Walmart is controlling the entire supply chain.

If Walmart sells it, you will need to undercut their pricing...

3. Low Seller Reviews/Ratings

Pay close attention to your Walmart seller ratings. If your reviews are low, your listings may be unpublished before your account is suspended.

Walmart Marketplace Seller Ratings

Use performance metrics from your Seller Scorecard to optimize your ratings.

4. Low Inventory

If you have low inventory or your SKU is out of stock, your listing may be unpublished. Customer experience is king and low inventory levels presents a higher risk of backorder.

5. Walmart Restricted Products, Categories and Brands

There are some categories that are currently restricted. Certain brands have agreements with Walmart whereby 3P sellers are not allowed to list. You can download Walmart's official report to view restricted products by category and restricted brands.

Work with your Walmart contact or multichannel platform's success team to gain access to restricted categories.


Written by:

Team Zentail