Google Shopping Actions and Express: Mobile User Experience Review


September 14, 2018

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The Glossary of Amazon Listing Errors

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Update (July 24, 2019): In an effort to create a more seamless shopping experience, Google has merged Google Express, Google Shopping and Google Shopping Actions together. Learn more about the new Shopping experience.

In this video we walk you through the Google Shopping Actions user experience. Starting with a simple Google Search for paper towels, we see how Google Express units are displayed in the Sponsored section of the results next to traditional Google Shopping Ads. Clicking on the Express unit takes you to Express where you can checkout in just a few clicks.

The retailer, in this case Target, is prominently featured throughout the shopping experience. Google's hosted checkout flow removes friction from the buying experience as the user's payment method, email and shipping address are already associated with their Google Account.

Zentail is a preferred integration partner of Google Shopping Actions. Merchants trust Zentail for rapid onboarding onto the Shopping Actions program. For more information and to see how fast you can start selling on Google Shopping Actions, schedule a demo.

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