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The most advanced channel-integrated Commerce Operations Management platform for brands and authorized resellers.

Zentail offers an all-in-one suite of tools to manage your e-commerce operations. The fastest growing e-commerce operations software in the industry, Zentail is committed to each customer's success with reliable five-star support.

The fastest growing ecosystem of channels and apps.

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Workflows Matter.

Centralize and automate your workflows with the highest-rated channel management suite. Create beautiful, optimized listings on all major channels -- directly from your Zentail account. Run your favorite apps on the Zentail commerce operating system. Augment your ERP with instant channel integrations.

Experience Connected Commerce

Everything in Zentail is connected. When you edit a product, you can choose to implement that change to one or across all of your shopping channels. That's the power of smarter workflows.

Commerce Operations Management Suite

Behold the Power of Smart types

Our proprietary categorization technology allows you to automatically assign categories and attributes to your products across all of your channels. No more manual SKU-by-SKU, channel-by-channel category and attribute mapping.


Manage and edit all products in your catalog from one spot. Choose which channels you want to list to; then edit titles, descriptions, tags, images, prices and more all through Catalog SKU-by-SKU management or in bulk using Zentail’s Import tools.

Inventory & Order Management

Easily update inventory quantities for products via Zentail’s friendly user interface, import or Zentail's API. Zentail will automatically adjust your inventory when sales take place and then facilitate tracked orders by fulfillment warehouse and by order status. When necessary, you can cancel orders, issue refunds, manually ship, and add routing information. You can even manage your purchase orders in Zentail’s Supply Chain Manager.


Zentail’s built-in Import tools allow you to make bulk edits to your products to save time. Update product details via a .csv file to see the changes reflected on all the channels. The Export tool allows you to generate sales reports or extract product data for select SKUs. Create custom Imports and Exports to cater to your business needs.


Filter and narrow down your products using a wide range of different attributes. Need to look at all SKUs that are FBA and are missing an image? No problem. Need to add the images in bulk? Export the view in a .csv file and make your edits in Excel. Need to step away? Need to access this information ongoing? Save the view for easy access later. Zentail's intuitive system makes all this possible in simple steps.

Pricing Management

Zentail offers a variety of ways to manage pricing, including price overrides for specific channels and promotional sales. Plus,  Zentail’s optional Amazon and Walmart Algorithmic Repricers can help keep your listing stay published and competitive to win the 'Buy Box" on these marketplaces. You set the minimum and maximum price for a product and let the repricer do the rest. This is how Zentail helps merchants stay competitive and see higher conversions all while maximizing profitability.

smart re-order

Using historical sales data, reorder frequency, and holding cost, this handy tool predicts when a product will need to be reordered so you never miss a chance to make a sale. In addition to suggesting an order quantity, it also even calculates opportunity cost.  A graphical interface makes it easy to see how many products should be reordered in less various time so you can easily take action and avoid out-of-stock situations that can affect your seller status.

Multichannel Analytics

Zentail’s business analytics is designed to give quick and actionable data, with highly visual graphs and customizable filters It tracks profitability on a per channel basis, as well as per SKU, per brand, vendor, warehouse, and more ways. From understanding sales trends, to making adjustments per sales channels, to handling end-of-month accounting, Zentail Analytics keeps you informed and helps you manage your business with intelligence.

Smarter Workflows, More Sales, Higher margins.

Best-in-class technology paired with best-in-class support. Our dedicated implementation and technical support teams ensure your operations run smoothly.


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+100 Hrs

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return on investment

They're a nimble and fast iterating company that listens to our needs and responds with great features. With native connections to popular marketplaces as well as some up-and-comers, Zentail makes managing my 3000 SKU inventory easy across multiple marketplaces.

— Damon Didier, VP Marketing & E-Commerce, Image Micro

We pay more for Zentail than our past services combined, but Zentail's value is so much greater. Plus Zentail gives me great, quick support. It's a pleasure and ease to work with them.

— Tony Yang, Director of Operations, Kissena Nail Supply

Product upload is simple. I can upload 400 SKUs in less than an hour with images, descriptions and categories all completed for me by Zentail's software. Huge win!

— Martin Mitchell, Online Sales Manager, DNW Outdoors

We have a complex supply chain with multiple fulfillment warehouses. Zentail has taken the headache out of monitoring every single order. Their inventory sync and auto-routing technology has been a lifesaver—especially over the holiday season!

— Jerry Bloomberg, President, La Toys Etcetera

I took a chance on Zentail when I became one of their first customers. It has been a pleasure to work with their team and awesome to watch the platform grow. As their features keep getting better so do my sales, we grew 4x in the last year alone!

— Adam Flanders, Manager, Shively Sporting Goods

It is incredibly easy to start selling on new channels with Zentail's SMART type system, my products are automatically categorized and immediately synchronizing category specific product attributes. It has made the transition to online sales a pleasure.

— David Black, Ecommerce Manager, Penn Jersey Paper Company

Working with Zentail to develop a profitability machine has been a great experience, it is really easy to use. The personal attention I get from the staff is great, I don't feel like I am just another customer. Everyone at Zentail is an A-OK person.

— Ken McCombs III, McCombs Supply Co.

DNW Outdoors

DNW Outdoors wanted to diversify its online business. Starting with Amazon, DNW switched operations platforms to Zentail and was then able to launch on three additional marketplaces (Walmart, eBay and Facebook) while growing their Amazon sales 10%.

McCombs Supply

With the help of Zentail’s programmatic Google Shopping service, and various features McComb's growth in e-commerce has become 90% of the company’s total revenue

Kissena Nail Supply

Kissena Nail Supply leverages the full automation of Zentail's multichannel ecommerce platform to more efficiently run the family business. Upon partnering with Zentail, they've more than doubled their sales and are selling several channels.