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It’s easy to forget that just 10 years ago, you couldn’t go online to buy everyday essentials like groceries, glasses—or medication for your dog. Pet Wish Pros was ahead of its time in 2008, when it was just a small pet supply shop with a big vision for ecommerce. Tucked away in the Georgia suburbs, the store was a pet lovers’ haven for fairly priced, vet-recommended products. It offered grooming supplies, flea medication and more items, all hand-selected by their team of veterinarians, at nearly half the price of regular vet offices.

In an effort to bring pet supplies online for the first time (yes, this was before, the team launched its BigCommerce store in tandem with an eBay shop in 2008. The following year, they expanded onto Amazon, becoming the first to offer pet products of its kind. It didn’t take long for the company to become a top seller in Amazon’s booming pet supply category with a loyal following across both its marketplaces and its own dot-com.

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Dim Memories with Sellbrite

Of course, with new business came plenty of new responsibilities. While Pet Wish Pros had a knack for handling operations in-house—even opening up fast, free shipping on all domestic orders in the early year of 2015—the company needed a way to work faster and smarter.

The company stumbled upon Sellbrite. For the next few years, the team attempted to use Sellbrite to automate important functions like pricing, inventory managing and channel expansion. But as Bogenholm and his team quickly launched to new channels, Sellbrite simply couldn’t keep up.

By 2018, Pet Wish Pros was on the hunt again for a new software partner.

“I’m the type of guy who’s not scared to change,” says President Robert Bogenholm. His team needed a new solution pronto that could bring them back up to speed.

Enter Zentail

Perhaps one of the greatest features of Zentail is its ability to play nicely with several channels and apps.  

“I was always looking for a software that didn’t need a bunch of other manual integrations to make it work,” recalls Bogenholm. Zentail offered that. Zentail integrated seamlessly with the team’s shipping software, ShipStation, offering a custom workspace to handle everything from listing to fulfillment.

Today, this dual functionality lets his team auto-update inventory, manage kits and even track stock location to prevent overselling and cut down on the time to pick orders. With tools like Zentail’s profit-loss report and Smart Reorder, Pet Wish Pros can further ensure that they’re not losing money on sales (especially when free shipping is on the table) and has all the stock they need.

As with any multichannel business, enforcing price parity in addition to competitive pricing is key. Many repricers in Bogenholm’s past were nothing short of dangerous, threatening the team’s profitability.

Fortunately, Zentail’s algorithmic repricer for Amazon rose up to the challenge. Pet Wish Pros has seen a lift in buy box ownership and sales thanks to the repricer, which automatically adjusts to current buy box winners while staying above a minimum price.

Zentail simultaneously sends new prices to the company’s website to ensure price parity. Yet, the Pet Wish Pro team can still update pricing at any point using QuickEdit or import/export. These features can “pretty much be used to change anything” according to Bogenholm. Import/export is especially handy when it comes to making bulk edits to their catalog.

“Before Zentail, making changes to the catalog was a pain. They may not have gotten done,” he says. “Now we just download our SKUs from Zentail and upload the changes on a spreadsheet, and it’s all done very fast.”

Upwards and Forwards into the Future

The Work of a Team for the Price of One

In the trailing 90-day period, Pet Wish Pros has seen a 36% increase in sales and a 33% increase in orders year-over-year.

It’s a strong testament to how Zentail has helped to scale efficiencies. Bogenholm compares Zentail to having an additional full-time employee (at least).

“But there’s some things that you can’t put a value on,” adds Bogenholm, pointing to automation features like Zentail’s repricer, which trims down on all the time and resources spent optimizing operations.

All in all, the company’s investment into software and a multichannel approach hasn’t disappointed. In fact, selling on marketplaces has allowed the company to amass repeat buyers on its own dot-com (“we get a lot of repeat business just because people know our name from the marketplaces”).

Over the next few years, Pet Wish Pros looks forward to turning those buyers into subscribers of a new autoship program while further diversifying its business model and channels across the board.

Zentail, of course, will be there to help make it all possible. To learn more about how Zentail boost your business, reach out to us here.

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