Zentail Customer Success Story

Kissena Nail Supply

Imagine pivoting the family-owned, family-run, service-based business after more than 20 years to a B2C storefront. Imagine the shift in mindset and shift in infrastructure that must go into such a big move: sell the old assets, start a new brand, acquire all new merchandise and create an entirely new workflow for your retails business from scratch.

Requiring an “all hands on deck” mentality from everyone involved, with the need to be relentlessly nimble while constantly learning, Kissena Nail Supply applied that mentality beyond the family members running the business, and held their operating software to the same standard. To help them more efficiently sell their inventory online, they partnered with Zentail “which was like hiring additional employees” said Tony Yang, Kissena Nail Supply Director of Operations.

The Yang Family’s business pivoted in 2013 to Kissena Nail Supply after 30 years of providing salon services to customers. Two years after establishing a flourishing 4,000-product, brick and mortar store in Flushing, NY, the company expanded to selling online. They first started with eBay and quickly moved on to create their own Shopify store. Yang was the sole person responsible for all e-commerce aspects of the company when they turned to Zentail, at the time fulfilling 50 orders a week manually.

Enter Zentail.

Handling all orders manually was doable at 50 per week. However Yang knew that wasn’t scalable and was preventing their business from further growth. His first attempts to increase online revenue came in applying to sell on Amazon and Walmart. He had difficulty getting the approval from Amazon as a result of being in the beauty category, and despite getting approved for Walmart, the complexities involved with listing products halted further progress. Around the same time, Kissena Nails was also working with a marketing agency to handle his Google Shopping Ads.

Having taken two steps forward and one step back when growing his online business, Yang started talking to Zentail. He was very impressed with what he saw from Zentail during the demo and got started with the new automation platform right away. During onboarding, he easily got his 1,700 SKUs listed via data import. His onboarding specialist helped Kissena receive approval to sell on Amazon as a beauty vendor and, because Zentail syncs one product listing across shopping channels, the company’s catalog was integrated with eBay, Shopify, Amazon and Walmart all at once, and with titles, descriptions, images and categorizations handled. In addition, the company continued its fulfillment through ShipRush for order fulfillment.

"Everything is easier with Zentail"

Zentail has reduced the majority of the repetitive, manual data entry tasks, freeing up Yang’s time to work more closely with his supplier partners. “Everything is easier with Zentail,” Yang says. “Data imports make things easy. Integrated partners makes everything easy. Even my accounting is easier!”

"Yang more than doubled sales volume YoY,"

Within three months of partnering with Zentail, Yang more than doubled sales volume YoY, with e-commerce revenue getting closer to 50% of total company sales. The company’s product catalog has also doubled and is currently over 3,400, with yet another shopping channel added to help grow their business: Google Shopping Actions. Further, they have saved money by discontinuing the relationship with the Google Shopping Ads marketing agency after not having seen real value and is instead using Zentail’s programmatic service to do so. Whereas the agency charged a fee based on the ad budget, Zentail charges a small fee per transaction , targeting a 15% ROAS for Kissena.

Kissena handles its entire operations workflow in Zentail, which provides him the tools, visibility and analytics to easily manage his business.

  • Being able to do kits within Zentail helps Kissena realize higher AOV through a more diversified product assortment with higher profit margins.
  • Utilizing the Buy Box Repricer for both Amazon and Walmart within Zentail, Kissena Nail Supply wins the Buy Box 60% of the time on average with Amazon (with Amazon maintaining the highest profitability for Kissena among all sales channels, to boot).
  • Accessing the Sales Channel report in Zentail Analytics
"Net net, we pay more for Zentail than our previous services combined, but Zentail’s value is so much greater."

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