Zentail Customer Success Story

DNW Outdoors

DNW Outdoors offers apparel and equipment for the outdoor adventurer. With thousands of products, DNW attracts customers looking for the best hunting, fishing and overall outdoor gear from brands like Sitka, Banded, Drake, HUK, Yeti, and more. Started in 2002 by Dennis and Kay Noell, their Arkansas-based business has now expanded to include a 30,000 sq. ft. brick and mortar store, and an online business that ships to all 50 States and across the world.

The online portion of DNW Outdoors’ business began more recently, in 2015, when they first listed to Amazon. They had a steady stream of orders coming in as a result of their presence and saw order velocity accelerate 5x the normal rate once they participated in Amazon Prime’s two-day shipping program. That was a critical time for the company as they realized the degree to which online revenue could impact their business. By the end of that year, DNW was offered a free promotional contract for Channel Advisor, another e-commerce operations software, through a third-party service provider. Accepting the offer, that relationship spanned three months, after which time DNW chose to end the promotional contract and instead decided to upgrade to Zentail’s e-commerce platform as a paid contract and gain traction with a more automated, data-driven platform.

Why did DNW leave Channel Advisor? In their first month, onboarding meetings were delayed. During months two and three with Channel Advisor, DNW was guided through various manual steps in an attempt to list a handful of products to Amazon. Martin Mitchell, Online Sales Manager at DNW Outdoors, explains the process more as a ‘trial and error’ period where settings adjustments were made, information was changed or product listings were even deleted and then uploaded again in an attempt to list and then remove errors with the listings. With little to no indication of what the problems were or how to fix them in Channel Advisor’s UI, Mitchell worked to identify each individual problem and corrected them by accessing each listing one-by-one. “This was extremely frustrating, time consuming and tedious,” Mitchell said, “and certainly not scalable for our business.”

Enter Zentail.

Enter Zentail. Within two weeks of signing a contract, DNW Outdoors was not only selling on Amazon with roughly 2,000 products listed, but they had also started a new marketplace shop on Walmart. This was all made possible through the connections and automations our systems provides. One of Zentail’s hallmark features, our SMART Types listing feature knows the different tagging and categorization structures across shopping channels and automatically configures each listing appropriately when loaded into Zentail. DNW Outdoors is going on its sixth month with Zentail and, in that time, has seen a 12% lift in their online business YoY (year over year).

The majority of that growth has come from a +9% increase in their Amazon business YoY and can be attributed to them increasingly winning Amazon’s Buy Box. “Repricing for Amazon’s Buy Box was so manual in Channel Advisor that, when onboarding to Zentail, I specifically asked to not participate in Zentail’s Buy Box Repricer feature. I’m so glad my onboarding specialist convinced me to try it out. Zentail has a Quick Edit feature that allows me to adjust pricing for the Buy Box across my entire catalog in a couple simple steps. We’re now winning the Buy Box and doing so profitably,” said Mitchell.

"Increased Amazon sales revenue 10% YoY"

How did DNW Outdoors get here? Having lost traction in the months when they were with Channel Advisor, Mitchell was very candid when a Zentail Account Executive reached out. He clearly laid out problems they had experienced with their other software: he needed better connectivity to marketplaces, a way to manage his product listings quickly and easily, and helpful insights about his business, whether that meant product listings or sales traction. While evaluating Zentail’s e-commerce operating system solution, Mitchell quickly saw that Zentail would meet these requirements, and more. Upon becoming a Zentalian, Mitchell was able to quickly maneuver through Zentail’s intuitive user interface and its features. Making small tweaks to his workflow, he is now a Zentail power user, making custom reports and dashboard views that are customized to his business to be able to quickly view and implement edits across his product catalog.

DNW will see a majority revenue stream come through in Q4 due to seasonality and the holiday season. As Mitchell prepares his business for the big rush, he has “never felt more confident” about its success in partnering with Zentail. Their integration with ShipStation is working flawlessly, new products are consistently being loading, they recently launched on Facebook and are set up to win the BuyBox on Amazon and Walmart.

“Product upload is simple. I can upload 400 SKUs in less than 30 minutes with images, descriptions and categories all completed. HUGE WIN. This would have taken me days with Channel Advisor.”

DNW has integrated its ShipStation account with Zentail and has plans to integrate their BigCommerce shop into the platform after Q4 2018, at which point Zentail will help drive more traffic to their webstore via our programmatic Google Shopping service.

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