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ChannelAdvisor Alternatives: A Better Way To Sell on Walmart Marketplace, Amazon, eBay

Daniel Sperling-Horowitz
December 25, 2015
February 10, 2019

What's the best alternative to ChannelAdvisor?

How do I sell on Google's Shopping Actions platform (Google Express)?

How do I sell on Walmart Marketplace and

What's the best business automation platform for multichannel ecommerce?

These are some of the most popular questions in our industry. With Walmart, Jet and Google vying for a piece of the market, the future of ecommerce is in many ways uncertain.

One thing that is certain is that the multichannel management space has not been won. Sellers large and small are not satisfied with the more established vendors -- specifically ChannelAdvisor, Solid Commerce, and CommerceHub. Accordingly, the market is fragmented with new entrants. As a retailer, who should you trust to help you simplify and grow your multichannel operations?

Here is a list of true ChannelAdvisor Alternatives:

  • CommerceHub
  • Zentail

Note: our list is short based on merit. Zentail, ChannelAdvisor and CommerceHub were the first three official integration partners of, Walmart Marketplace, and Google Shopping Actions. Today, they remain the preferred choices among sellers, though each is different in areas of technology, ease of use, customer service, and the like.

We encourage you to ask yourself these questions:

What are your goals?

What do you plan to accomplish over the next 12, 18, and 24 months? Can you afford to transition between platforms as your requirements become more complex, or are you looking for a platform that can scale and be customized to your evolving needs?

What are your must-haves?

Will you need any of the following?

  • Integration into international marketplaces (Amazon UK, etc.)
  • Support for a handful vs. hundreds vs. thousands of SKUs
  • A built-in dynamic repricer
  • Dropship automation
  • Ability to list against duplicate ASINs
  • Order routing to a third-party logistics provider (3PL)
  • An integration into an ERP or Warehouse Management System (WMS)
  • An API to build custom integrations

Who will be using the software?

Do you and your employees prefer a simple interface? Or would you rather more features, even if it comes at the cost of simplicity?

How important is data quality?

Are you simply looking to get your products listed, or are you also looking to optimize your product listings on each channel? What additional features, automation or support would be helpful for achieving this goal?

How important are analytics?

Do you know how profitable you are on all of your channels? Do you desire more visibility, better data and/or custom reports to help identify trends, spot errors and/or make sound business decisions?

How important is real time?

How much time do you spend updating your catalog or inventory currently? How much are you looking to improve that, and what is an acceptable amount of time that your software should take synchronizing your inventory and publishing your product data to your desired channels?

How important is automation?

What tasks do you want to automate? How much money and time will you redeem, and what could you have your employees focus on if you freed up that time for them?

How important is customer service?

While often a secondary consideration, most software users will have to contact Support at one point or another, whether it’s for help getting started with a feature or help understanding changes within the platform. When this happens, how long are your willing to wait for a response? Would you like to be able to pick up the phone and get your issue resolved by a US-based expert, or to schedule on-demand training sessions for your whole staff?

How important is your feedback and input?

Are you looking for two-way communication between you and your software partner, in which you can influence the prioritization of new features or enhancements? How important is it for the software company to be nimble and invested in innovation?

How important is your onboarding experience?

Are you willing to invest 2-3 months of time and disrupted operations to fully transition to your new multichannel platform? Would you rather a shorter onboarding period with a dedicated onboarding specialist?

How important is commitment?

Are you willing to pay large up-front fees and sign binding annual contracts? Would you rather a month-to-month arrangement as you build trust and confidence with your new platform?

The Choice is Yours

There was once a time when ChannelAdvisor could strong-arm sellers into paying hefty fees for a service that they claimed only their software could provide. Truth is, better alternatives exists. It’s really a matter of what your requirements, business goals, and overall expectations are.

Seek out your options. Ask for recommendations. Talk to the companies--the actual people you’ll be working with if you commit to their technology. Find a solution and team that works best for you.

Zentail has created the next generation of multichannel ecommerce management software.

Schedule a complementary workflow analysis to learn how to diversify and grow your ecommerce business.

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Written by:

Daniel Sperling-Horowitz

Co-Founder & President

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