Zentail Helps BigCommerce Sellers Easily Integrate into Walmart Marketplace


March 1, 2021

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Since its inception, BigCommerce has been at the forefront of the omnichannel revolution. It reported on the phenomenon long before ecommerce was a way of life, and before brands discovered that webstore growth went hand-in-hand with a diverse presence.

Did you know? 63% of sellers see at least 200% webstore growth within 10 months of expanding to one or more marketplace, according to a recent study of Zentail sellers. 

Now, BigCommerce is teaming up with Walmart and Zentail to help more brands achieve omnichannel excellence. Through this partnership, BigCommerce users will gain access to a reliable connection into Walmart, where more than 120 million people go to shop each month. Sellers can seize the opportunity that a multichannel strategy presents and spread their influence across today’s greatest marketplaces with total peace of mind. 

Zentail and Walmart: The Key to Brand Expansion

The Zentail integration is already available in BigCommerce’s Channel Manager. As its partnership with Walmart is fortifying, BigCommerce has identified Zentail as a key partner, recognizing its long-standing history and expertise in migrating sellers to Walmart.

This approach is a welcome departure from how other players in the space choose to handle marketplace integrations. Many have attempted to create their own third-party apps, often underestimating the work required in maintaining them or keeping up with marketplace requirements. A primary example is Shopify’s Walmart plugin, which continues to receive low-star reviews because of unreliable connectivity and limitations.

The integration offers four advantages that are native to the Zentail platform:

  • The most reliable tool for translating a seller’s product data for Walmart, Amazon, Wish and other marketplaces that has historically saved sellers hundreds of hours a month 
  • The only listing automation tool built with SMART Types tech, which safeguards sellers against sudden changes to marketplace requirements
  • The easiest-to-use interface for managing multichannel operations
  • A five-star support team with an intricate knowledge of how marketplaces, such as Walmart, work

This will enable sellers to take advantage of Walmart Marketplace faster, which offers its own slew of benefits: 

  • Brand exposure to Walmart.com’s 120 million unique monthly visitors
  • 13x more exposure per seller than on Amazon due to a cleaner, less-competitive marketplace 
  • Repeat purchases and returning visitors, spurred by the Walmart+ loyalty program
  • Association with Walmart’s global brand

Launching to Walmart Through Zentail vs. Manually

As a seller, you still have the option to launch to Walmart Marketplace on your own. This is traditionally done by first applying to sell on Walmart. Once approved, you would have to upload your catalog data via spreadsheets or a custom API integration, then manage all of your listings, orders, inventory and more from Walmart’s Seller Center. 

Alternatively, going through a BigCommerce partner like Zentail can save you enormous amounts of time during both the onboarding process and day-to-day management. Zentail provides a seamless connection from BigCommerce to Walmart, allowing you to list to Walmart.com in a few clicks and avoid reuploading data altogether.

Moving forward, Zentail will keep your inventory and orders synced between BigCommerce and Walmart, minimizing the risk of overselling on either channel. You can further customize listings per channel to achieve tasks like:

One of the greatest advantages you get with Zentail is access to SMART Types. This one-of-a-kind technology is what enables true one-click listing to multiple channels, as well as protection over your listings whenever Walmart changes its listing requirements. For example, if there are any changes to how apparel sizes are handled in Walmart Marketplace, you can avoid editing each listing one by one to remain compliant. Zentail will adapt your data as needed.

Looking to Make the Move from BigCommerce to Walmart?

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