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May 14, 2019

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Update (July 2019): Amazon has merged EBC with A+ Content, which previously existed in two different places: Seller Central and Vendor Central, respectively. EBC was a more basic version of A+ Content. Thanks to the merge, every seller with access to EBC/A+ Content can now use up to 15 modules on one listing and choose from a wide array of tools.

Winning the sale on Amazon requires being able to differentiate your products—especially when you’re up against 300,000 other U.S. marketplace sellers.

Amazon’s Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) for Seller Central merchants (offered as A+ Enhanced Marketing Content in Vendor Central) gives you a nudge in the right direction. EBC is a product description format that lets you spruce up your ASINs with custom imagery and text placements, reducing bounce offs and increasing customers’ confidence in your brand.

It lets you go far beyond the text-only format of default descriptions. However, EBC is currently limited to sellers on Amazon’s Brand Registry or those in special seller programs like Amazon Exclusives. Once registered, you can create EBC for whichever ASIN you’d like and convey your brand message in a way that promotes differentiation, like in the example below.

What a Non-Enhanced Product Description Looks Like:

example of default amazon product description

Here’s Enhanced Brand Content in Action

example of amazon product description with enhanced brand content

While you can (and should still) optimize your standard product description, EBC gives you more space to go in depth about your brand, explain the vision behind your product, provide how-tos and/or highlight special features. It’s known to increase conversions by 6%-12%, according to Amazon, so you should take advantage of it if you can.

How to Create Enhanced Brand Content in Seller Central

  1. In Seller Central, click Advertising on the top menu and click Enhanced Brand Content from the dropdown.
  2. Select the SKU/ASIN you want to create EBC for and select one of Amazon’s five pre-built templates. If you want to create a custom template, you can select Custom Template and use the image and text modules.
  3. Complete the text and image slots. Images must be accompanied by alt text (image descriptions used for aiding visually impaired users and ranking by search engine crawlers) that’s easy to read and accurately describes the image. Alt text helps the visibility and searchability of your listing, so be sure to research and use high-impact keywords here.
  4. Save your edits and click Submit to get your EBC content approved.

Note: EBC must be managed through Seller Central. It cannot be edited through any third-party application, including Zentail, though you can use Zentail to easily manage all non-EBC listing details (title, keywords, images, etc.) that precede the EBC section.

Enhanced Brand Content Templates

amazon enhanced brand content templates

Here are the module or template names and what you get:

  • Rose: brand logo, product description, two header images, product features
  • Tulip: brand logo, product description, header image, product features
  • Orchid: brand logo, product description, header image, product features
  • Sunflower: brand logo, product description, two header images, product features
  • Lilly: brand logo, product description, header image, product features, header image
  • Custom Template

If you’re showcasing products that have multiple features that require supporting text, we personally recommend the Tulip and Orchid templates.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Are there any requirements to access and use enhanced brand content? Enhanced Brand Content is only available for merchants that have Brand Registry or are part of Amazon Exclusives, Launchpad or other managed seller programs by Amazon.
  • How much does it cost? EBC is currently free for professional sellers, though given the demand, it’ll likely cost a fee in the future. Make sure to take advantage of it now while it’s free.
  • Where do you manage EBC? EBC can only be managed in Seller Central or Vendor Central (as A+ tool). It is not available via Amazon’s Marketplace Web Services (MWS) API and therefore completely closed off to third-party listing software.
  • Can you still use Zentail to manage ASINs with EBC? Yes. Any standard ASIN attributes, like product name, images, descriptions and variations, can still be managed in Zentail. Any edits to these fields will be updated on ASINs without a hitch, even if they have EBC elsewhere on the page.
  • What is the difference between enhanced brand content and A+ content? Enhanced brand content is the Seller Central equivalent of A+ content, which is available to brand owners that sell directly to Amazon via Amazon Vendor Central.
  • Do you need to create your own Enhanced Brand Content templates? You have option. You can either upload your own EBC templates or choose from Amazon’s five pre-built templates.
  • How long does it take to review EBC on an ASIN? Amazon tries to review your Enhanced Brand Content within seven days but there can be delays. Once approved, it can take an additional two days for your EBC to appear on the ASIN.

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