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January 22, 2023

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A good customer experience always starts with a high-quality listing. On Walmart Marketplace, that means providing the right amount of images, information and persuasive copy to guide a purchasing decision. It requires an acute understanding of Walmart Marketplace SEO, balanced by a deep awareness of what makes your buyers tick. 

With strong listings, you can earn advantages like the Pro Seller Badge that boost your rankings and brand visibility on Walmart.com.

Food for Thought: Listing automation can help to accelerate success. In fact, Zentail sellers see an average 2.8X jump in sales after switching from a manual listing solution to an automated one. A hundred percent of sellers who sell on Walmart.com through Zentail also stick with Walmart, defying the odds; most marketplaces sellers tend to burn out after the first year of trying to list to Walmart on their own. 

To help get the creative juices flowing, we’ve put together a list of eight stellar examples of high-ranking Walmart listings. Observe which factors make each listing pop from both an algorithmic and customer perspective. 

McCombs’ Supply Refrigerator Ice Maker

McCombs Supply's Walmart listing with detailed copy

McCombs Supply is a trusted source for home appliance and HVAC replacement parts. Over the years, they have perfected the art of putting themselves in their customers’ shoes, anticipating customer needs before the worst of events like COVID strike and stocking up on products long before demand soars. 

This level of care can be seen in the way McCombs handles its Walmart listings. In this example, McCombs makes sure to include the most important identifier of their replacement parts—the exact product number—early in the product title, bullet points and description.      

For additional clarity, McCombs offers a list of other product numbers that the item can replace, as well as the exact brands that it's compatible with. The pictures and description clearly show what’s included with a purchase, even stating that ”This ice-maker is designed for replacement only and does not include an ice-maker valve or bucket.”

While the product includes detailed instructions for installment, McCombs provides a summary of instructions directly in the description so that buyers aren’t surprised or confused by the work involved.

The payoff? Positive customer feedback purporting, “Perfect match. Works as described,” and, “Worked as advertised.” 

Fruit of the Loom Women's Cotton Brief

Fruit of the Loom's Walmart listing with high-quality variant images

There are a surprising number of variation listings on Walmart that lack clear photos of the different patterns, colors and other variants of the product. But alas, Fruit of the Loom doesn’t disappoint. 

In fact, in this particular instance, the brand kills two birds with one stone by listing different variations of multipacks, which bundle together a wide assortment of prints and further incentivize purchases (customers may even want to buy both multipacks in one go). 

As a buyer clicks through his/her different multipack options, the primary image changes to show a crisp image of the selected multipack. By contrast, it’s not uncommon for Walmart sellers to incorrectly set up their variation listings so that buyers only see a text description of their options. For instance, a listing may only show labels like “Basic Neutrals” to describe a second underwear bundle rather than using swatch images, as shown in the example above and as recommended by Walmart’s Image Guidelines

Within the secondary images (aka “AV images”) of this listing, Fruit of Loom also takes care to provide a size chart and demonstrate the unique features of their cotton briefs. 

SwissTech Soft-Side Luggage

SwissTech's Walmart listing with detailed description

Avid travelers all know that there are a surprising number of factors to consider when picking out new luggage. Over time, you start to value utility over appearance—wanting most for your personal belongings to remain secure and for your bag to office enough storage space to fit extra laundry or souvenirs on the way back home.

SwissTech touches on these exact benefits in their Walmart listing. The company clearly identifies the “durable and sleek 1680D premium fabric that will hold up to the wear and tear of years of travel,” in addition to “a 2-inch zip-around expansion for additional packing space [so] you'll have plenty of room for souvenirs or gifts.” 

SwissTech further mentions an integrated TSA lock, shoe bag and other attractive features. This is all reinforced by pictures showing the bag at every angle. Sizes are described as “checked” or “carry-on” so that buyers know exactly which model they’ll need. 

The cherry on top: this SwissTech bag is exclusive to Walmart. Meaning, buyers don’t have to worry about scouring the internet to find a better price for the bag; if they like what they see, they should go ahead and pull the trigger.

Vibrant Life Dog Crate

Vibrant Life Walmart listing with size chart and instructions

Pet-owners are some of the most active, but prudent online shoppers today. With a desire to provide the best life for their furry friends, pet-owners tend to mull over various options and product specs before hitting “buy.”

Bearing this in mind, pet-supply brand Vibrant Life focuses on providing many descriptive images to showcase all the advantages of its wire dog crate. The images convey the brand’s mission and promise to customers—guaranteed satisfaction or your money back. Vibrant Life also provides a crate size chart and multiple images to demonstrate the true size of the crate.

In the product description, the company includes enhanced content showing a step-by-step chart on how to pick the right crate for your dog. This is nestled within thoughtfully crafted content that points out features like “non-corrosive steel” and easy ventilation that are important to the owner. 

This listing has amassed over 2,700 ratings from pet owners who largely agree that the crate is comfortable, spacious and durable for their dogs. 

Cacee Acrylic Powder for Nails

Cacee's Walmart Listing with strong copywriting and variants

Right off the bat, the sheer number of color options offered in this listing is impressive (some may even say it’s overwhelming). You instantly get the sense that Cacee, a professional nail supply provider, knows what it’s doing.

Every product variant is accompanied by a swatch image, plus additional photos showing the expected nail color and true size of the product. In both the title and description, Cacee pinpoints the target user for its product—professional nail technicians.

The brand continues to use language that is familiar to nail techs and to highlight industry-specific values, like the fact that the product is vegan-friendly, cruelty-free and professionally approved.

For a little extra incentive, Cacee throws in a special offer (showcased in an AV image) promising a percentage off for bulk purchases. This is a great offer to extend to nail techs, who would be interested in purchasing supplies in bulk. The bottom line here is that knowing your target audience pays off. From deciding how to write your copy to how to set up your variation listing, understanding your target customer helps you to create the perfect offer. 

Gillette Mach3 Disposable Razors

Gillette's Walmart Listing with enhanced content

Sometimes the best way to beat out your competition online is by providing the most amount of (relevant) information possible. This helps to build confidence in your product. And while Gillette is already a notable name, the company still demonstrates the power of a detail-oriented product listing.

Beyond the content that’s above the fold in this example—which includes several sleek, informative visuals—this listing offers tons of item specs ensuring that there are no unwelcome surprises upon purchases. These advanced attributes further ensure that the Mach3 Razor will appear in filtered search pages, which may showcase products made with a specific material or for a specific skin type. 

More impressively, Gillette offers shaving tips, enhanced content and an FAQs section attempting to get ahead of every question a customer may have prior to making a purchase. Gillette even pits the Mach3 against other Gillette razors, simplifying the research process for buyers and incentivizing them to stay on the page longer. 

Strider Balance Bike for Kids

Strider's Walmart listing with strong copywriting

Never is a purchasing decision more important (and scary) than when it’s for your kid. In this example, Strider speaks directly to the values and concerns of parents. The images show photos of real kids riding the bike. They scream, “You can release your child down a dirt path or onto a paved sidewalk and expect the bike to hold up just the same.”

Within the title, Strider additionally calls out the age range that the bike is intended for, taking into consideration how parents will likely include this detail directly in their search query. The brand speaks to parents by cracking jokes like, “Not even a full diaper is enough to slow down the 12 Pro” and connecting the dots between biking and child development (“We help create kids who have the moxie to say, “Bring it on, world. Challenge me. I’m ready.”). 

The copywriting within this listing takes the cake. While you can see that there are some formatting issues (this is common when a seller uses a poor-quality listing automation tool or forgets to double-check his/her work), the copy is enticing and helps the brand connect with parents.

Key Takeaways

There are plenty of things you can learn from observing other high-ranking Walmart listings. In fact, it’s good practice to read through the first dozen or so listings in your target category before crafting your listing.

Here are some tips to keep in mind based on the examples above: 

  • Know your target audience - Don’t rush or overlook this step. This will set the stage for how you approach your listing from start to finish (e.g., deciding what details to highlight in your title, what types of photos to provide or which benefits to focus on in the copy). 
  • Don’t forget the power of images - Show, don’t just tell your audience about the superiority of your product. Leverage enhanced content to provide rich, branded images. Make the most of your image allowance and offer lots of AV images to support your main image. 
  • Don’t leave product details open for interpretation - Include as many relevant product details as possible. Go beyond just the basic fields that Walmart requires of you to publish a product, and provide advanced attributes that ensure you’re not excluded from filtered results or long-tail searches. 
  • Anticipate customer questions - If you notice any frequently asked questions within customer feedback or communications, address them within the listing itself. Aim to make your buyer’s job easier by providing comparative stats or details needed for them to comfortably make a purchase.

Need a solution for creating high-quality listings every time? Ask about Zentail’s premier listing automation platform, a solution made for sellers by sellers. Don’t let poor-quality Walmart listings bring your business down. 

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