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October 5, 2015

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The Glossary of Amazon Listing Errors

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Editor's note (May 19, 2020): Walmart announced that it will be discontinuing and channeling its efforts into the brand. Jet sellers and customers are reportedly being sent to the Walmart Marketplace. To learn more about selling on Walmart, check out our blogs on "How to Sell on Walmart Marketplace" or "Walmart vs. Amazon: What Sellers Need to Know."

  1. First mover advantage is real. Especially if you have your own (lesser-known) brand or if you sell in a highly competitive category -- which covers basically anyone who sells on marketplaces... Just go to and search for something random like "nursing scrubs", there's literally nothing there yetbesides some provocative costumes. Don't wait.
  2. Merchandise Opportunistically. Accordingly, there's a lot less competition on Jet which means you can selectively get into new product lines that are underrepresented on the new marketplace.
  3. Control your inventory. holds merchants to a high standard and rightfully so. The team at Jet wants to work with merchants who can provide a great customer experience by updating inventory in real-time and fulfilling orders with speed and precision. The dropship fulfillment model, which our founders are quite familiar with (ask us about it sometime), is not the best way to approach selling on If you aren't willing or able to fulfill from your own warehouse, then leverage FBA for multichannel fulfillment -- we'll even automate it for you.
  4. Use the correct Jet Browse Node ID. Make sure you're providing Jet with accurate product data, especially Browse Node IDs. We're here to help with this sort of stuff.
  5. Have Patience. is showing tons of promise, but it's still early and we're just scratching the surface in terms of share of mind and product catalog. We have no doubt Jet will be a great channel for great merchants.

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