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July 28, 2015

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The Glossary of Amazon Listing Errors

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Editor's note (May 19, 2020): Walmart announced that it will be discontinuing and channeling its efforts into the brand. Jet sellers and customers are reportedly being sent to the Walmart Marketplace. To learn more about selling on Walmart, check out our blogs on "How to Sell on Walmart Marketplace" or "Walmart vs. Amazon: What Sellers Need to Know."

By now you've probably heard of, the new shopping club marketplace. Since their highly anticipated public launch one week ago, savvy merchants have been scrambling to figure out the best way to start selling on the marketplace. We wanted to share some information which we hope you find helpful.

Currently, in order to sell on, you need to either integrate directly via API (visit the Jet Developer Portal) or you can use a third party service such as ChannelAdvisor, CommerceHub, or Zentail.

Integrating directly with the API is technically intensive as it requires developer resources for the initial integration as well as ongoing maintenance. Understandably, this leaves a good deal of high caliber merchants looking for other options.

ChannelAdvisor and CommerceHub are well-established players, but certain aspects including functionality, support, and pricing can make these solutions non-starters.

Our solution, Zentail Commerce, is deeply integrated with and designed from the ground up to make multi-channel selling simple. We're currently working with sellers who ship from their own warehouse and FBA.

Last but not least, before you can sell on, you need to apply to be a Jet Partner. The application is simple but the Partner Experience Team is currently dealing with an overwhelming amount of applications, so it may take a couple weeks to be admitted.

Happy selling!

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