How One Retailer Used Google Shopping Actions to Boost Sales


May 30, 2019

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It’s no secret that Google is coming for Amazon—and it may be in the best position to do so.

With over 3.5 billion daily searches and nearly 80 percent of the U.S. retail search ad spend in 2018 via Google Shopping, Google is poised to build an idyllic ecommerce ecosystem. One where buyers can look for products in any which way (be it through voice search, images, videos or simply and instantly make a purchase.

For the ecommerce seller, Google may also offer greener pastures.

While Amazon has always obsessed over customer experience and consequently put sellers in the backseat, Google has a better track record of working with brands, showcasing their names next to larger logos and keeping brands top-of-mind at every stage of a transaction.

target's experience selling on

This was a big reason why luggage retailer PORTMANTOS took the leap. Beyond the promise of greater reach, selling on Google simply made sense. If Google was going to prioritize their brand and drive ready-to-buy users to their products, then it was a key ally to recruit.

The ‘Why’ Behind Using Google Shopping Actions

By the time that Google came on their radar, PORTMANTOS was working with Zentail to grow their ecommerce empire. The team had already successfully launched to five other channels outside of its own web store and brick-and-mortar location in New Jersey (by simply clicking a few buttons on Zentail, we should add).  

Google quickly became their next target. Unique from other marketplaces, Google was especially well-aligned to the company’s own mission.

Borne out of a vision to bring the experience of walking into a high-end luggage boutique online, PORTMANTOS has maintained several principles all aimed at pairing the right luggage with the right personality.

portmantos brand statements

“Combining elegant luggage with modern innovations, PORTMANTOS is able to compliment any shopper’s needs. It’s the perfect travel companion that makes the journey grander than the destination,” PORTMANTOS writes.

True to its mission, PORTMANTOS used Zentail to enable Google Shopping Actions, the vehicle that lets sellers open up shop on Google and show their products on various devices. Doing so would let them take advantage of tools like Google’s affinity-weighted buy box, which personalizes product recommendations and surfaces brands that already have a purchase history with consumers.

The effort proved fruitful. Here’s what they saw.

The Results: Greater AOV, Exposure to New Audiences

Within six months of launch, PORTMANTOS started seeing a spike in average order value (AOV) from Google Shopping Actions. AOV from Shopping Actions outranked most of its six other online stores.

And while those other channels saw steady, incremental growth, Google outpaced them with a 335% increase in sales quarter over quarter.

In the same period, select products from the company’s catalog were three times more likely to sell through Google Shopping Actions than all the other channels combined. Among them: a slim briefcase, boot pack and a wheeled backpack.

snapshot of the portmantos google express store
Snapshot of PORTMANTOS' Google Express Store

They had a higher chance of selling speciality items here than anywhere else, indicating that the brand was reaching new types of buyers through Google.  

Today, nearly six percent of the company’s Google customers repurchase from the brand within eight months. Since onboarding to Shopping Actions a year ago, traffic to the PORTMANTOS website has additionally doubled.

Though many sellers find themselves trading brand visibility for greater exposure on other marketplaces—with Google, PORTMANTOS could have both.  

"With Google Shopping Actions, we’re able to engage new audiences and drive sales. We’re excited to build on this success by launching more of our inventory on this channel.” - Mike Gothelf, Director of Operations, Portmantos

The company looks forward to what’s more to come pending Google’s upcoming redesign of its shopping experience. Prior to then, they’ll be testing out other products on the channel, teaming with Zentail to manage their listings, orders and inventory at top speed.    

Ready to Get Started on Google?

Adding a new sales channel can be daunting. It requires tight control over your operations, from catalog management to order fulfillment.

Our team at Zentail is well aware of that. Zentail’s leading multichannel management software offers the tools to centralize your product data and integrations, including your shopping cart, 3PL, WMS and more. With first-of-its kind features, like our auto-categorization tool called SMART Types, you can get up and running in record time. Reduce human errors, eliminate overselling and stay competitive all from one platform.  

Zentail is also a certified Google Partner. Our team can help you navigate the ins and outs of Google Shopping Actions, plus help you get approved faster so you’re not stuck waiting in line instead of selling. Talk to us about how to get started!

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