Zentail Customer Success Story

McCombs Supply

McCombs Supply Co. Inc. is a third-generation, family-owned business that provides home appliance and HVAC replacement parts out of its Lancaster, PA headquarters brick and mortar location. The company pivoted throughout the years to adjust for customer demands, taking them from tv repair at the company’s founding in 1953, to washer repair, to selling washer parts and entering into catalog sales before eventually becoming the McCombs we know today: a leading national source for home appliance repair parts.

McCombs Supply’s e-commerce journey began in 2002, with their first products sold on eBay. Looking back, those first transactions on eBay would become the critical catalyst towards McCombs’ growth and e-commerce becoming 90% of the company’s total revenue and the expansion to selling on seven channels through Zentail.

McCombs became one of Zentail’s first customers in 2015. Upon upgrading to Zentail, one of the highest priority tasks was helping McCombs expand to selling on Amazon. That was done within weeks of signing a contract and, after one month’s time, Amazon had become 9% of McCombs’ online revenue. “Zentail makes it easy for us to get our busy jobs done,” McCombs Supply Co. President Ken McCombs Jr. said. Fast forward four months and Zentail helped McCombs to nearly double their revenue through the Amazon marketplace addition.

Zentail's growth focused approach.

At the start of the new year, McCombs rang in 2016 by opening their own webstore, McCombsSupply.com. With the help of Zentail’s programmatic Google Shopping service, sales on this channel quickly skyrocketed. The service, which drives active search shoppers to company’s webstore via search result ads, is run through a proprietary machine-learning program which adjusting campaign bids accordingly to a predetermined budget. From day 1, McCombsSupply.com sales kept growing. At first it was +4% of sales, then +7% of sales, and now webstore sales account for +26% of the company’s revenue, at a 15% RoAS

"Webstore has grown over 600%"

McComb’s Supply Company didn’t stop its growth there. They would soon add Jet to its marketplace distribution in Q1 of 2016 and Walmart as its fifth channel in Q2 of that year. By Q3 of 2016, the company hit a huge milestone of over 32,000 orders per month which they have since maintained (and have further grown). In 2017 the company continued to add products across channels and further optimizing operations and profitability. By the time 2018 rolled around, Zentail was again able to help McCombs integrate to another new sales channel: Google Express with Shopping Actions. As one of   the first 50 companies introduced to this platform, McCombs’ has found Google Shopping Actions to be another profitable channel to sell on. Using Zentail, McCombs leveraged the seamless Google integration, saw instant sales growth and has been named a Top Retailer by Google, month after month.

How was all of this growth possible? On a daily basis, the entire 40-person organization is logged into Zentail. Inbound stock deliveries, product listing, new orders, shipments, returns, inventory, reporting… Zentail helps McCombs handle it all. “McCombs processes thousands of orders a day across several e-commerce platforms, so my job would be chaotic — or near impossible, to be honest — had it not been for Zentail and the integrations and automations it provides,” said Jose Lopez III, McCombs Supply Co., Inc. Operations Manager.

“The partnership between Google and Zentail and McCombs has, in the simplest of terms, increased revenue… and Zentail was the major force to make that happen. I look at the numbers and I say let the good times roll." - Ken McCombs, Jr.

In the three years that McCombs has partnered with Zentail, McCombs extended its reach from the local market to shipping orders to all across the country from their 30,000 sq ft. warehouse. They’ve seen revenue nearly triple and pride themselves on being able to continue their charitable contributions to the local community.

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