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The BBG Surgical team maintains high standards for every cog of their business. Their ecommerce success is proof of that. Enforcing a no-nonsense approach, the team ensures that every new channel, transaction, and ounce of effort poured into this leg of the company is deliberate.

Finding the right software partner has always been just as important. In fact, it could be summed up as mission-critical to their growth.

“As a multichannel seller, the core of being successful on other channels is the software,” says Ray Berman, head of ecommerce and director of business development at BBG Surgical. “If your multichannel software’s not cutting it for you, you face orders being routed the wrong way, late shipments, and pricing or listing errors.”

Big Dreams, Big Progress

Started in 2011 as a durable medical equipment brick-and-mortar retailer (think: wheelchairs, bathroom grab bars, and the like), BBG Surgical quickly outgrew its storefront and merged with Medicare provider, Pro Medical East, in 2014.

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The pair set out to provide the highest level of patient care, support and equipment—a mission that quickly manifested itself in their early decision to refresh their catalog with their own private-label products.

Just as they refused to fall under the control of any one vendor, they refused to rely on any one sales channel.

Shortly after creating their first Amazon listing in 2012, they set their eyes on other marketplaces. They wanted to go multichannel. They just needed the right tools to get them there.

Enter Zentail

BBG Surgical was introduced to Zentail in 2016. They scrutinized the system against several other candidates, soon determining that Zentail best met their needs.

The team began using the Zentail platform and the SMART Types Listing Tool to get over 4,000 listings up across Amazon, eBay, Walmart and Jet. The platform sped up time-to-list by 60% by automating product listing, categorization and attribute mapping across every channel.

(In time, Zentail would also help BBG Surgical add other channels like their BigCommerce website and Google Shopping Actions to further diversify their sales mix and widen their exposure.)

Berman singles out Zentail’s kitting and bundling features as one of his favorite tools to date. The software supports kit/bundle listing, as well as proper order routing and inventory management. This means that Zentail is able to update inventory around each individual component SKU in addition to the master SKU and integrate into BBG Surgical’s ShipStation account, eliminating the risk of overselling or incorrect shipments.

“Zentail is crucial to our business,” says Berman. He mentions the error reporting feature as another team favorite. The team leverages the report to quickly identify and solve channel-related errors. Found one click away within Zentail’s Success Dashboard, the report provides a consolidated list of notifications and Help Center articles for addressing the issue.

“Each marketplace has its nuances and hangups, so it’s important that your software is flexible and understands the data relationships between the platform and the marketplace."- Ray Berman, Head of Ecommerce at BBG Surgical

Upwards and Forwards into the Future

An Ongoing Pursuit

Since their expansion into ecommerce and private label, BBG Surgical celebrates 25x monthly sales and 3x profit margins. As time goes on, the team is eager to invest more into their newer marketplaces and capabilities with Zentail to push the boundaries of ecommerce and achieve excellence on an even greater scale.

“One big factor that I enjoy about working with Zentail is that I don’t feel like I’m working with a company that’s stuck in a box,” adds Berman. “They’re not one of the ones where what you see is what you get. They’re constantly investing in new developments with more features.”

To learn more about how Zentail boost your business, reach out to us here.

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