Multichannel Ecommerce
‍Software Checklist

Finding the right software is no small feat. Plenty of platforms now claim to automate various parts of your ecommerce operations, ranging from listing management to order fulfillment.

Whether you're looking for a niche solution or a one-stop shop, use this checklist to prioritize your goals for automation. Learn how to ask the right questions and find a software that meets all of your requirements.
  • Gain an interactive workbook for multiple team members to use
  • List and prioritize your team's objectives
  • Automatically score and keep track of multiple candidates from one file
  • Evaluate criteria by various needs and objectives
  • Receive tips on what to look out for when weighing your different options

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Automatically List Everywhere With Zentail

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Sell on more channels without wasting more of your time

Build a safety net for your brand by listing your products on multiple channels with complete confidence. Zentail is the only platform that builds winning listings from your central catalog instantly.
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+20% New Revenue

through greater brand reach

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3x Channel Diversification

for long-term resilience

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$100:1 Return on Investment

from new, open marketplaces

One Click, Zero Stress

List your products to multiple channels in as little as one click. Zentail’s revolutionary technology, SMART Types, automatically translates your product data for you.
In other words, you plug in the data once. Zentail does the rest for you—and makes sure that you benefit from high-quality product listings everywhere you sell.  

McCombs Supply

McCombs processes thousands of orders a day across several ecommerce platforms, so my job would be chaotic—or near impossible, to be honest—had it not been for Zentail and the integrations and automations it provides.
Jose Lopez III, Operations Manager

A Central Command Center Made for You

Set your team up for success with a single source of truth for any catalog data, inventory data, analytics and apps. Zentail acts as the bridge between all of your essential channels, and streamlines your multichannel operations from start to finish.
Never lose track of your sales again, and guard yourself from costly errors.

The World’s Greatest Team

We don’t just take pride in our software. Our support team is out of this world. While nothing will ever go perfectly when you embark on a multichannel mission, you can trust that our ground crew has your back no matter what issue or question arises. 
What Our Customers Are Saying

We joke that we have a tiger by the tail, because we're trying to project things, and it just keeps growing and growing as we optimize
Zentail is truly a partner that wants us to be successful together instead of just taking our money and saying, ‘See ya when your contract needs to be renewed!'

Zentail Customer Testimonial

CoCo Peterson
Ecommerce Manager, Candle Warmers

What Our Customers Are Saying

Before Zentail, making changes to the catalog was a pain. They may not have gotten done. Now we just download our SKUs from Zentail and upload the changes on a spreadsheet, and it’s all done very fast.

Zentail Customer Testimonial

Robert Bogenholm
President, Pet Wish Pros

What Our Customers Are Saying

Zentail’s our hub and it’s always open on my computer. We definitely wouldn’t be where we are on Amazon without Zentail.

Zentail Customer Testimonial

Neil Popkin
Head of Ecommerce, Felina

What Our Customers Are Saying

Last year, we were overselling once or twice a week. We didn’t experience that this year at all. Zentail can adjust inventory so much quicker than any other system I’ve ever used.

Martin Mitchell
Online Sales Manager, DNW

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