How to Replatform from
ChannelAdvisor to Zentail

Replatforming can be a daunting process, but fortunately, we’ve simplified the process.

Zentail Replatforming Checklist
After helping so many ChannelAdvisor sellers switch to Zentail, we’ve gotten pretty darn good at minimizing the work (and stress) on your plate. 
Download this free checklist to see what it takes to go from ChannelAdvisor to Zentail. This checklist includes:
  • Step-by-step instructions for offboarding from ChannelAdvisor
  • Average timeline for getting up and running on Zentail
  • A space to keep track of progress and notes when implementing this checklist

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ChannelAdvisor vs. Zentail

Nine out of every ten sellers say that their costs with Zentail are significantly lower than with ChannelAdvisor. Beyond the invoice though, Zentail is known to save sellers precious time. By giving you the gift of faster workflows, unmatched automation and top-notch support, our platform elevates your multichannel business to the next level.
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+10% Profitability

per SKU via optimizations

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100+ Hours Saved

on average per month

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30% new GMV

from channel diversification

How the Features Stack Up


Automatic Product Categorization

Product Kitting and Bundling

AI PIM Technology

Cross-channel Product Data Translation

User-Friendly Interface

International Sales Channels


Automatic Change Management

* Full for support for Amazon North America. Full support for Amazon EU except listings. Support for eBay Global Shipping Program.

Automatically List Everywhere With Zentail

Amazon multichannel partner with ZentailWalmart multichannel partner with ZentailEbay multichannel partner with ZentailShopify multichannel partner with ZentailBig commerce multichannel partner with ZentailNewEgg  multichannel partner with Zentail

No Need To Configure and Maintain Mappings or Write Complicated Business Rules

Rank higher and get more 5 star reviews across all channels (even if you think you suck at multichannel). Using Zentail's Standardized Marketplace Attribution Relationship Technology (SMART), you'll get higher quality listings pushed out to your key marketplaces in less time.

SMART Types translates product data across sales channels like Amazon, Walmart, Newegg, eBay and your webstore by using a centralized catalog and our proprietary method of mapping categories and attributes across channels.

Best in Class Support

We don’t just take pride in our software. Our support team is out of this world. While nothing will ever go perfectly when you embark on a multichannel mission, you can trust that our ground crew has your back no matter what issue or question arises.

CoCo From Candle Warmers

Check out CoCo's story how they switched from Channel Advisor to Zentail.

A Team That Has Your Back

We know all too well that when you’re in the business of running a business, nothing will ever go perfectly 100% of the time. That’s why we take pride in our support team. Our ground crew has your back no matter what issue arises and is accessible through chat, email and more.
What Our Customers Are Saying

We joke that we have a tiger by the tail, because we're trying to project things, and it just keeps growing and growing as we optimize
Zentail is truly a partner that wants us to be successful together instead of just taking our money and saying, ‘See ya when your contract needs to be renewed!'

Zentail Customer Testimonial

CoCo Peterson
Ecommerce Manager, Candle Warmers

What Our Customers Are Saying

Before Zentail, making changes to the catalog was a pain. They may not have gotten done. Now we just download our SKUs from Zentail and upload the changes on a spreadsheet, and it’s all done very fast.

Zentail Customer Testimonial

Robert Bogenholm
President, Pet Wish Pros

What Our Customers Are Saying

Zentail’s our hub and it’s always open on my computer. We definitely wouldn’t be where we are on Amazon without Zentail.

Zentail Customer Testimonial

Neil Popkin
Head of Ecommerce, Felina

What Our Customers Are Saying

Last year, we were overselling once or twice a week. We didn’t experience that this year at all. Zentail can adjust inventory so much quicker than any other system I’ve ever used.

Martin Mitchell
Online Sales Manager, DNW

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