36% Of Product Discovery Happens On Search, Google


June 12, 2018

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The Glossary of Amazon Listing Errors

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In the United States, over 85% of ecommerce product discovery and purchasing occurs on two major channels: Amazon (49%) and Search (36%, primarily through Google). While most retailers and brands have extensive exposure on Amazon, the same cannot be said for Google. Google is fast becoming a commerce platform where merchants can tap into billions of product searches daily.

Google Shopping campaigns and Google's new Shopping Actions hosted-checkout experience are powerful channels to drive cost-effective brand awareness and customer acquisition.

Learn more about Google Shopping and Shopping Actions which features the Express shopping mall.

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Zentail is an official Google Partner and preferred integration provider for Shopping campaigns and Shopping Actions. Zentail's mission is to make ecommerce simple and our software platform serves as the operating system for top 1000 online retailers and those that aspire to join the top 1000.

Schedule a complementary workflow analysis to learn how Google's Shopping campaigns and Shopping Actions (including the Express shopping mall) will help diversify and grow your online retail business.

Need Help with Multichannel?

Schedule time with a Zentail expert to see how we can transform your Ecommerce business.

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