Google Express Shopping Platform Partners with Walmart


August 23, 2017

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Google Express is a shopping platform that features products from a growing number of brick and mortar and online retailers including Walmart and Costco. You can think of Google Express as a shopping mall of the future that facilitates commerce by leveraging the search giant's prowess in search, artificial intelligence and voice technology.

Google Express, which began as a local shopping and delivery membership service, has now announced a partnership with Walmart that will add millions of products to the site and allow Walmart customers to link their accounts to Google which will allow Google to learn shopping preferences. What's more, shoppers are able to use Google Home to purchase products automatically and by voice from their preferred retailers including Walmart.

Marrying Walmart's physical infrastructure (4,600+ retail locations and distribution centers) and low-cost supply with Google's digital reach will certainly make things more interesting. It's quite amazing to think about the potential this partnership has to change the retail landscape and rein in Amazon's seemingly unstoppable dominance in online commerce.

Who else will sell on Google Express? Stay tuned!

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