Information Centralization and the Keys to Multichannel Success


August 20, 2015

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Posted: September 23, 2015

When it comes to multi-channel ecommerce, decentralization of information is a very, very dangerous thing. Manually managing orders, updating inventory, and listing new SKUs across multiple channels saps the majority of our bandwidth. As a result, we hit a wall and sustaining the business becomes the primary objective, while continued growth takes a back seat. Getting out of this state of multi-channel limbo is absolutely essential to growth, profitability, and a happy and productive workplace.

Bring It On Home

Centralizing your product catalog is the first and most important step towards achieving the 1-to-many efficiency needed to overcome bottlenecks and scale your online retail operations. When all of your SKUs - accompanied by rich product data - reside in one place, listing those SKUs on Amazon, eBay,, Shopify, etc. becomes as simple as the flip of a switch.

But it goes further than that. Imagine how much more productive your team could be if you could also manage your orders and generate shipping labels without working through a mind-numbing amount of browser tabs and desktop applications...

Relentless Automation

Never stop automating. Always look for things you and your team are doing which can be done by a computer or otherwise in a more streamlined manner.

Leverage Existing Infrastructure

While ecommerce is still in its infancy, there's some extremely powerful infrastructure, physical and IT, out there for you to take advantage of. Your business can use this existing infrastructure to increase efficiency, deliver incredible service, and free up time and resources to focus on the things that will grow your business.

More information to follow in our next blog post on Leveraging Infrastructure.

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