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July 23, 2015

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The Glossary of Amazon Listing Errors

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Imagine what automation can do for your multi-channel online retail business.

What parts of your business process consume the most of your time? Are you and your team manually entering tracking numbers, updating inventory, changing pricing, responding to customer emails and soliciting for positive feedback? Are you manually matching to ASINs and generating listings on each of your sales channels? How much manual effort goes into your returns process?

The amount of tedious manual data entry, spreadsheet reliance, and paper handoffs that goes on in our industry is mind boggling. This overwhelmingly manual daily routine often reaches the highest levels of management in businesses large and small.

With so many moving parts and such high costs for poor performance, stepping outside of our operational comfort zones can be a scary proposition. No wonder we find ourselves struggling to grow. The companies that embrace automation today will enjoy a very bright tomorrow.

What would you and your team be able to accomplish if you could replace your manual workflow with automation?

Just imagine.

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