ChannelAdvisor Alternative, Ideal Multi-Channel Platform


October 1, 2015

A lot of online retailers come to us in search of an alternative to ChannelAdvisor, so we figured we'd write a post to share our thoughts on the ideal multi-channel inventory and order management platform.

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True All-In-One Solution

Everything - catalog, inventory, orders, shipping - should be managed from one central platform. You should not have to patch together a hodgepodge of multiple systems -- this would be inherently inefficient.


The interface should be intuitive and familiar. Configuration should take 1-2 weeks, not 2-3 months.

Zero Commissions

You should know exactly what you'll be paying on a monthly basis for your multichannel software. We fundamentally oppose commissions, you should too.

No Annual Contract

If you'e not achieving the expected benefits of your multi-channel software, your vendor doesn't deserve your business. Why should you get locked into a 1-year contract?

Relentless Innovation

The world of online retail is evolving rapidly. In order to maintain your competitive advantage, the pace of innovations delivered by your software vendor should be noticeable. Further, you should not have to wait indefinitely for feature requests. Feature requests should be prioritized and the timeframe should be clearly communicated.

Flexibility & Customizability

Few online retailers are the same. You need software that can adapt to your specific workflow and sales channels. You should not have to compromise and feel like you're trying to fit a round peg into a square hole.

Excellent Customer Service

It's a privilege to serve you. You're paying for a premium product, you deserve premium service. This software is mission critical to your business, you have orders to ship and a reputation to protect. You bet we're going to make sure your issue is resolved ASAP, by a courteous and knowledgeable representative.

Downloadable checklist for picking the right ecommerce software

Take Action

If you'd like to leverage our advanced multi-channel inventory and order management software to automate and grow your online retail business, contact the Zentail Merchant Success team for a free consultation.

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