Ecommerce Tip of the Week: Use Price Parity to Maximize Multichannel Sales


October 1, 2017

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By their very nature, marketplaces are extremely competitive. Consumers won't buy from you on eBay if they can get the exact same product cheaper on Amazon.

Too many sellers try to protect their gross margins by pricing their products higher on specific channels to offset increased fulfillment or marketplace costs. This is a fantastic way to underperform on these channels! Instead, we recommend focusing on the things that increase order volume.

We see this primarily with sellers that think using FBA for Multichannel Fulfillment is an acceptable way to ship product to customers outside of Amazon. To offset higher FBA MCF fees, sellers tend to add $1, $2 or even $3 to their eBay and listings. For more on FBA MCF's negative impact on multichannel sales, you may want to read this.

This is why you should maintain the same price on each channel, known as "price parity", or reprice on individual channels to avoid being Unpublished on Walmart Marketplace or Suppressed on Amazon.

A quick checklist:

  • If you're selling competitive products and repricing on Amazon, you'll do well to relay your Amazon price to all other channels.
  • Always be aware of your landed price (item price + shipping price), and make sure your shipping prices for each channel are in-line.
  • If you're not selling competitive products (i.e. you have your own brand), you'll still need to make sure any price changes such as temporary sales on one channel do not cause you to be unpublished on another channel.
  • Use's Rules Engine to incentivize shoppers.

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