Ecommerce Tip of the Week: Promote Your Promotions


November 27, 2017

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It's Cyber Monday deals week! A lot of money will be spent this week and shoppers are conditioned to look for special discounts. If you're selling holiday season products, we're going to help you give your customers what they're looking for...

Set Up Store-Wide Promotions

Can you offer an "Extra 30% OFF Everything" with the code CYBERMONDAY just for Cyber Monday?

Example Cyber Monday Promotion

There's no point in having a deal if no one knows about it. Let the world know! Place it prominently on your homepage and as a floating header that displays on every landing page. Tell your friends and followers on Facebook, Twitter, send an email blast to your customers, run some targeted Facebook Ads using Lookalike Audiences, create a few Google Search Ads, create a press release with Businesswire.

Google Search Ad Cyber Monday

Pro tip: to save money on paid advertising, focus on more specific "long-tail" keywords. You can get a feel for keyword cost using Google's Keyword Planner.

Showcase Product-Specific Promotions

Create a lineup of high-demand products and make sure to:

  • select "loss leader" products that will lead to sales of other products in your catalog.
  • configure your shopping cart to suggest highly relevant products to accompany the loss leader.
  • confirm that you have enough inventory (in your control, not dropship..) for this to be worthwhile.

Configure deals with specific Start and End Dates

Make sure you have complete control over when your deals are running and on which channels.

Scheduled Promotion in Zentail

Promote your Marketplace Deals

There's no better time to build your seller performance and status on marketplaces than this holiday season. If you're running deals on Amazon, eBay, Walmart Marketplace and, make sure you let people know using cost-effective channels including daily email campaigns, Facebook posts, Instagram and Twitter posts.

Go crazy with your ecommerce growth hacking. Happy selling!

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