All-in-One Multichannel Management: the Easiest Way to Sell on Amazon, eBay and Walmart


December 24, 2015

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We're closing out another wild year in ecommerce with the following deeply troubling themes top of mind:

  • Far too many small online retailers and up-and-coming brands are still manually managing their catalog, inventory and orders (herein "multichannel management"). Perhaps because...
  • Technology vendors far removed from actual online retail experience are peddling 3rd rate, over (or under) priced software that satisfies only a small component of the required feature set -- catalog management, inventory management, order management, shipping label generation, repricing, feedback management. Requiring...
  • These poor etailers to piece together a comprehensive multichannel management solution from several vendors. Which is a total #$%*ing mess, ultimately resulting in...
  • An ever widening gap between a select few major ecommerce powerhouses and ... everyone else.

In the age of ecommerce, an enterprise grade multichannel management solution that fits your retail operation is absolutely essential to survive and thrive. Problem is...

  • developing your ideal solution in-house is not an option -- let's face it, you're not a world class technology company, focus on what you're good at!
  • contracting development of a proprietary solution would be just as foolish and costly.
  • working with a vendor like ChannelAdvisor means high upfront fees and endless forfeiture of a % of your hard earned revenue in exchange for a clunky, less-than-impressive software solution that doesn't address your full required feature set outlined above. Oh, and enjoy being locked into a one-year contract. No thank you...

Why can't there be an easy to use enterprise grade all-in-one multichannel management solution with fair, straightforward pricing? Why isn't there a solution that truly democratizes ecommerce and levels the playing field for small businesses? The wait is over. Welcome to Zentail.

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