Can the Coronavirus Survive on Cardboard?

Allison Lee


March 26, 2020

News broke this week that at least 10 Amazon workers tested positive for the COVID-19 coronavirus, raising concerns that the virus could be transmitted through cardboard packages.

In an exclusive interview with Zentail, one M.D. at a government health agency debunked the myth saying:

"In general, the more absorbent the material, the less time the virus has to stay on top of the material and potentially be touched by people and be able to infect. In other words, whether or not it’s virulent once it’s deep inside of cardboard is irrelevant if we can’t even reach it for it to infect us. 

Even on top of hard surfaces, it can only stay active for a few hours. If the temp changes or UV light (sun) hits it, or the pH changes at all, IT’S DEAD. Different labs are getting different results so it has been really confusing for everyone... All we know is it’s some time in the neighborhood of ‘hours,’ not minutes or days."

written by:

Allison Lee

Marketing Manager

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