Your Website Will Make or Break Your Ecommerce Brand – Here's Why


November 17, 2017

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The Glossary of Amazon Listing Errors

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This guest post is by Emma Needleman, Marketing Specialist at IntuitSolutions, a leading BigCommerce Certified design and development partner.

A growing number of Zentail customers are selling on BigCommerce sites expertly optimized by IntuitSolutions. Across the board, we have found that sites designed by IntuitSolutions experience significantly higher conversion rates.

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How Customized Ecommerce Design and Development Create Repeat Customers

If you run any kind of business, you know how important branding is. And if you run an ecommerce business, then your website – the epicenter of your business – should be doing the work of strengthening and developing your brand. But is it?

Many people only think about branding in terms of how a website looks. While colors, fonts, and logos are all important, they’re only a piece of the puzzle. It’s obvious that a beautiful website with terrible user experience will tank. But consider this more likely scenario: what if you have a website that works well in some aspects but doesn’t meet the specific needs of your customer base? Can you really say that your website is working to strengthen your brand?

So how do you leverage your ecommerce website in a way that benefits your business in particular? While there are ecommerce best practices relevant to most retailers, the real potential for maximizing sales and creating repeat customers lies in how you meet the needs of your specific site visitors. For example, what draws in a B2C customer might put off a B2B customer. Interactive product images might be absolutely crucial if you sell apparel but baffling if you sell batteries.

At IntuitSolutions, we believe in the power of customized solutions. As official BigCommerce partners, we work with merchants across a range of industries to design and develop ecommerce solutions that meet our clients’ unique challenges and boost their conversions.

Your Customers Want More Than They’re Telling You

What do customers expect from ecommerce stores? A lot. They might not leave it in customer feedback forms, but study after study shows that tiny differences in how fast, consistent, or navigable a website is make big differences in sales. For example, research has found that most internet users expect websites to load to 1-2 seconds. After that 2-second mark has passed, bounce rates increase exponentially.

It’s not customers are counting the number of milliseconds it takes a site to load. It’s that websites that work well are more trustworthy, reduce confusion, and encourage both sales and customer loyalty.

In a brick and mortar store, you can rely on a friendly sales staff to guide your customers through the pipeline, but, online, your website speaks for itself. And because the ecommerce landscape is so crowded, if customers think you don’t have what they need or that it might be hard to get, they can easily bounce to one of your competitors.

Designing Ecommerce Solutions For Your Business’ Unique Challenges

Pink or blue, serif or sans serif, big logo or small. All important design choices that you’re smart to tailor to your customer base. But are you catering to them with how your site actually functions?

For example, what do your navigation menu and checkout screen look like? How are your products laid out and displayed? Are you up-selling with related products or other things your customers might need?

And what about little tricks and customizations that make things easier, simpler, or more beautiful? You might let customers preview product customizations like monograms, or add interactivity to show every angle of a dress or coat. These concerns aren’t only surface-level. For example, if you sell primarily B2B, you need streamlined, repeatable checkout processes to keep customers coming back.

The bottom line is this: your website and overall brand are in symbiosis. Smart, personalized design and web development create memorable shopping experiences, set you apart, and strengthen your brand message. This is what ultimately results in increased conversion rate and – just as importantly – greater customer lifetime value.

IntuitSolutions’ Design Process

At IntuitSolutions, we’ve built a business on turning nagging problems into smart solutions that convert customers. Our clients come to us with all kinds of challenges and our design and development process is build around meeting them. Whether it’s a full site redesign, a customized add-on to solve a specific problem, or an ongoing marketing strategy, we give you what you need to stand out from the crowd.

So if you’re ready to make BigCommerce work for you, we would love to provide you with a free consultation.

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