Channel Advisor Sellers realize greater value with Zentail

Those looking to switch from Channel Advisor will find a better partner in Zentail which offers a more intuitive software and with five-star support. This adds up to greater value with Zentail as your multichannel management software solution.



The team at Zentail prides itself on helping our clients achieve their ecommerce goals. It starts with the industry's most intuitive software, continues with our acclaimed service and support and lives on in our commitment to making ecommerce simple.

Intuitive Software

Gone are the days of setting up channels and mapping listings inĀ ChannelĀ Advisor. Through Zentail's smart features, we've done the heavy lifting so that when you start using Zentail on Day 1, channels are waiting for your skus and are ready to list.

List thousands of products in minutes, not days. With Zentail's SMARTĀ TYPES tool, you'll never have to assign categories or map attributes again. We know how each channel is uniquely configured and sync your products accordingly. That's intuitive software.

Intuitive.Ā Easy-to-use. User-friendly.Ā Call it whatever you want, but Zentail's UI is a refreshing change from the 'clunky' experience you're used to in Channel Advisor. From the warehouse to management offices, everyone will more easily, more efficiently, work in Zentail.

WhiteĀ GloveĀ Support

Only when we see our clients' success do we feel as though we've done our jobs. As your multichannel marketplace partner, we strive to help our clients reach (and exceed) their goals.

  • Zentail offers a fast, highly impactful implementation. Stakeholders will have a solid understanding of the software and how it works and, at the end of this initial period, your business will be set up to start listing and taking orders!

  • Our US-based success team is comprised of ecommerce experts. So whether you pursue Managed Services or the Self-Service path, know you're in good hands with a team who can offer tips and tricks to have your team working smart and hard and can be accessed via chat, email or phone.

  • We pride ourselves on the five-star rating we've received as we value our client relationships and are committed to helping in any way we can!

ļ€…ļ€…ļ€…ļ€…ļ€…Ā Ā 5/5
ļ€…ļ€…ļ€…ļ€…ļ€…Ā Ā 5/5
ļ€…ļ€…ļ€…ļ€…ļ€…Ā Ā 5/5

Our commitment to you is to make ecommerce simple.

More than just a motto, it's what we dedicated to: with our software, with our partnership, with the way we impact your business. It's something that we strive to offer through our intuitive software, naturally.

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