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What do you get?

Free report card: Get a listing-by-listing breakdown of critical components, like the quality of your product titles, descriptions and customer reviews.

Listing criteria: Whether you're dealing with character counts or image restrictions, Zentail's Listing Checker shows you how to meet Amazon's strict listing standards.

Tailored feedback: Receive specific suggestions on how to improve your rankings on Amazon and win more sales.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Amazon Listing Checker score my products?

The listing checker takes into account four main components of any Amazon product listing: title, description, media, and reviews. Amazon looks at these components to decide which products to display whenever a buyer searches for products like yours. Your scores are generated based on how well your listings match Amazon's criteria. (Note: the tool is constantly being updated as Amazon's algorithm evolves!)

Who is Zentail?

Zentail is a commerce operations management (COM) platform that lets Amazon sellers manage everything from listings to inventory in one place. It's home to an AI-powered PIM solution that adapts product data to Amazon's changing requirements, so you can avoid listing errors and issues that leave money on the table. Learn more about our solution for brand owners.

How do I optimize my listings on Amazon?

The listing checker makes this easy by giving you specific suggestions, scores and tailored feedback for each section of your listing. If you need more help, you can ask to speak with a Zentail specialist.

Will these suggested changes actually make a difference?

Yes! By ensuring that your listings meet Amazon’s requirements and are optimized to its algorithm, you can increase your search rankings, click-through rates and overall sales performance.

Zentail customers have seen a 62% increase in sales on average within the first year of using our services and cleaning up their listings.
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