‍Wednesday, December 15
2 pm EST / 11 am PST

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Amazon acquirers (the good ones, at least) are nothing short of masters of Amazon. They’ve seen their share of successes and failures—but at a scale much grander than most. In this live chat, Zentail will sit down with unybrands, a global powerhouse in the acquisition space, for their insider tips on how to build a successful Amazon brand.

  • What are some common flaws that you see in a seller's business?

  • What are the biggest drivers of growth on Amazon?

  • What are some low-effort, yet impactful things that sellers can do today?

Brendan Feinberg

unybrands, Head of Investments
Brendan has more than 10 years of experience in M&A, investing and startup operating under his belt. After an early career as an investment banker and early-stage investor, Brendan worked at WeWork in various strategic finance, real estate and general management functions.

Mark Goldfinger

unybrands, Senior Director of Growth
Mark has held a variety of senior roles concentrated on brand growth and international expansion. His experience includes opening new markets, building sales teams, optimizing processes and troubleshooting priority markets.  

Daniel Sugarman

Zentail, CEO
Dan's passion for ecommerce dates back to when he was an online seller himself. He ranked as a top-five seller on Jet.com (pre-Walmart acquisition) and sold across Amazon, eBay and other channels. Zentail was originally built to help his team work faster, then opened to the public in 2015.

Paul Capriolo (Moderator)

Zentail, Director of Growth
Few things fascinate Paul more than the rapid evolution of ecommerce. He is excited to be building the infrastructure layer of ecommerce at Zentail and helping brands grow together with marketplaces. He is currently an Entrepreneur in Residence at the University of Maryland.