Zentail Offers Increased Order Management Flexibility with Fulfillment Works Integration


April 3, 2017

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We're excited to announce that Zentail now integrates with Fulfillment Works!

Fulfillment Works is a 3rd Party Logistics (3PL) provider with an emphasis on cost-effective ecommerce fulfillment for private label brands and multichannel retailers. The company operates two US-based fulfillment centers - one in Orange, Connecticut, one in Reno, Nevada - to ensure most consumers are within 2 days reach via ground shipment.

We decided to integrate with Fulfillment Works to satisfy demand from our growing base of private label brands. Like these brands, we were impressed by the branded fulfillment and warehousing services offered by Fulfillment Works. This includes FDA registration, climate control, and even direct response capabilities.

As with all of the 3rd Party Logistics integrations we offer, we see another great fit for sellers that are overly reliant on Amazon's Multichannel Fulfillment (FBA MCF). Fulfillment Works customers now have an easy way to sell on Jet.com, Walmart Marketplace and Google Shopping.

With This Integration...

Fun Fact

The integration was prioritized to meet the need of a new Zentail customer and took less than 2 weeks.

We're focused on making Zentail as seller-centric as possible and we're committed to providing flexibility and options when it comes to all of our integrations. Learn more about our integrations and please let us know if there's an integration we need to add in order to serve you and your growing business.

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