Zentail Joins the UPS Digital Connections Program as Multichannel Listing Solution


April 14, 2021

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As the Beatles once famously said, “I get by with a little help from my friends.” 

We approach things the same way at Zentail. We support each other internally and believe that it’s important to extend that same level of care to our customers. That’s why we couldn’t be more excited to announce our participation in the UPS® Digital Connections program.

As UPS’ official multichannel listing platform, Zentail will help UPS customers expand to new marketplaces with ease and peace of mind. Participating sellers will not only gain access to our entire suite of tools, but also receive monetary assistance from UPS.

What Is the UPS Digital Connections Program?

The UPS Digital Connections Program was first established in 2002 to help small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs) afford products and services that are normally only accessible to larger retailers.

The mission of the UPS Digital Connections program is to help SMBs grow faster. Instead of having to build a solution in-house or limit their options to temporary, budget-friendly solutions, sellers can go through the UPS program to purchase premium software.

Zentail Named Official Solution

UPS routinely cleans and updates its list of approved vendors to ensure that only the most reliable vendors are included. This year, it sought a new multichannel listing platform that could connect sellers to today’s most lucrative sales channels, while removing the stress and additional work that usually comes with expansion.

Zentail’s listing automation platform is already establishing the backbone infrastructure of ecommerce. As the only software that natively connects product data directly into high-value channels like Amazon, Walmart, Newegg, Google, Wish and more—Zentail makes it possible to create high-quality listings for each channel, all in a few clicks. 

This is a result of Zentail’s ability to format and map data through automation and to create listings that have more extensive attributes. Sellers can list to platforms 10x faster than if they were to list their products manually. And the average Zentail user achieves a growth rate of 38% after a year of using the platform. Other benefits include higher rankings, greater brand visibility and improved sales conversions from higher-quality listings.

“The opportunity to work with UPS accelerates us towards our company's mission: to make ecommerce simple,” says Dan Sugarman, CEO of Zentail. “We’ve reimagined the relationship between marketplaces and sellers to reduce friction and frustration on both sides. Removing those huge roadblocks means sellers have an extremely efficient process for getting clean data translated and shared across marketplaces, which leads to incredible growth for all parties.”

Do You Qualify? 

The Zentail and UPS teams will be working closely together to identify sellers who would be a good fit for this program. Key considerations include: 

  • You must currently be selling on multiple channels or have a strong intent to do so in the near future
  • You must be a brand owner or reseller with at least 40 SKUs (as high as 40,000)
  • You must be a company on track to do $1 million in sales over the next year

If you’re looking for more information about this program or how Zentail can help to accelerate your sales, check out this page.  

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