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October 14, 2015

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The Glossary of Amazon Listing Errors

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Seriously, why Zentail? There are a lot of multichannel inventory and order management solutions, so why should you care about Zentail?

Do you remember the first time you listed and sold a product? How great it felt to make that first sale on Amazon. The extra effort you put into each customer service interaction, even if it meant taking a loss to keep the customer happy. The excitement of growing 100% month-over-month your first few months. All the time and effort you put in day-in-day-out seemed so worth it, surely it would pay handsomely.

Then the allure of the sale wore off. The daily ritual of updating inventory, keeping buyer messages below 24 hours, handling returns, refunds, ASIN mismatches, and copy and pasting between countless browser tabs and spreadsheets sapped all of your energy leaving you utterly exhausted. Ruthless competition and endless selection put your margins in free-fall. You swear that surviving your first holiday season took at least a few years off your life expectancy and until the end of Q1 to recover from. Sales started leveling off or worse. You hit that proverbial wall. Just staying above water was difficult enough, let alone focusing on growth.

We'll never forget these feelings. That's why we're building Zentail.

Few things are as sweet as making and growing sales. Selling is downright fun. Dealing with all the not-so-enjoyable stuff mentioned above is not. At Zentail, our purpose is crystal clear: make online selling simple and fun. We pride ourselves on providing you with easy to use software that delivers superior efficiency and positions you for long-term growth. If you love to sell, we'd love to help you sell more than ever before.

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