Why Leading Sellers Choose Zentail


April 23, 2018

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Leading online retailers are highly discerning when it comes to technology investment. They need to know that the software system they're purchasing will meet their unique needs and they know how difficult change can be. For 8 and 9 figure marketplace sellers, the stakes are high.

We know there are a lot of multichannel vendors, so what separates Zentail from the pack?

The feedback we've received from Zentail sellers focuses on three main differences:

  • Software quality
  • Pace of innovation
  • Customer service

Software Quality

Built in-house by leading software engineers, Zentail's software quality is unparalleled. Perhaps that's why Zentail was selectively chosen by Amazon to be the first member of Amazon's Marketplace Developer Council.

Pace Of Innovation

The quality of our software is the foundation for our rapid pace of innovation. Working closely with top sellers to understand the highest value opportunities, we release new functionality on a weekly basis.

Customer Service

Your multichannel software should be your central operating system allowing you to run and grow your online business in the most efficient manner. This software is mission critical and you need to know that you're backed by an industry-leading level of onboarding and ongoing support.

Zentail has the highest Net Promoter Score in the industry because we think like sellers -- we used to be top multichannel sellers when Jet.com's founding team asked us to open up our software for other sellers. We thoughtfully design our features with our users in mind and carefully track and optimize our service level Key Performance Indicators.

We truly pride ourselves on providing a remarkable level of customer service and it shows.

There will be winners and losers.

As the ecommerce landscape continues to evolve and become increasingly fragmented, you need to select the right central operating system for your multichannel business. There will be winners and there will be losers.


  • Have a clearly defined multichannel strategy
  • Drive people to their online store
  • Make data-driven decisions


  • Overly reliant on one or two channels
  • Try to “figure it out” as they go
  • Look for the cheapest solutions

So why do leading sellers choose Zentail? Zentail provides serious sellers with world-class software and service. Zentail makes ecommerce simple.

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Zentail is an official partner of Amazon, Google, Walmart, Jet.com and eBay. Zentail's mission is to make ecommerce simple and our software platform serves as the operating system for top 1000 online retailers.

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