Navigating the Target Plus Approval Process - A 30,000 Foot View


July 14, 2023

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Curious how to get approved to sell on the Target Plus Marketplace?  This blog post will take you through the Target Plus Marketplace approval process for sellers, giving you a 30,000 foot overview to help you prepare in advance and know what to expect on your journey to sell on Target Plus. 

If you've already assessed that your brand aligns well with the Target Plus Marketplace's ethos, and have tailored your operations to meet its requirements, then you're ready to embark on the approval process!  If you haven’t done this, check out our In-depth guide on how to prepare your business to sell on the Target Plus Marketplace.

There are 4 key phases to the Target Plus Approval process. 

Phase 1: Initial Brand Screening

Signing up to be considered to sell on Target Plus begins with Initial Brand Screening, the first phase of becoming a Target Plus Integration Partner. Target's playbook is well understood by approved integration partners like Zentail and we can  guide you through the process. For your brand to be screened, you must make use of one of these approved partners for your initial submission.

Phase 2: Detail product screening

In this phase, you'll create your assortment mix and brand research will be conducted by the Target Plus team

Phase 3: Onboarding (which is broken out in to distinct stages)

The longest phase in the approval process - it's broken into two stages Operational Readiness and Business Readiness. In these stages Target Plus will first test a small set of your products. If you pass, you'll be invited to have your partner load your remaining catalog.

Phase 4: Business Development

Once you've completed the implementation process, Target Plus provides you with a partner success manager who can help you put together strategies to sell more product on the Target Plus Marketplace

You should expect to get through the entire process in 6-12 months depending on the size of your catalog. The process is rigorous, and there’s a good reason for that.  The Target Plus marketplace is exclusive.  It’s not for every seller, and it’s not like Amazon or Walmart.  

Some key differences between the Target Plus Marketplace, Amazon and Walmart

  • Extensive research is done on your brand positioning.  Target wants brands that have a following and are recognizable
  • Your marketplace presence matters. Target will be looking at your reach and reviews on Amazon, Walmart or your web store. 
  • Your brand and products must meet Target’s inclusivity merchandising guidelines
  • Product listing requirements are very different from both Amazon and Walmart requirements. Expect to make changes and put the time in required to get them right.
  • You must have a Target Plus Integration Partner, like Zentail, to load your product listings.  Unlike Amazon and Walmart, you cannot do these yourself.

Want the Details on the Approval Process for the Target Plus Marketplace?

We cover all the details in every step of the Target Plus Screening Process in our Guide. 

The Target Plus Approval Process is a meticulous one because it maintains the marketplace's standard. The focus is not just on your brand's financial performance but its credibility, its online presence, and its potential to grow within the Target Plus ecosystem. So, roll up your sleeves, prep your brand for its digital outing, and dive into the Target Plus Approval Process. Successful selling is just a few steps away!

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