How to Write High Converting Product Descriptions


December 29, 2017

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The Glossary of Amazon Listing Errors

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The 4 Keys To Optimized Product Descriptions:

  1. Use unique wording for each channel.
  2. Tailor content to the specific audience.
  3. Focus on keywords, clarity, personality, authority.
  4. Use words and phrases that overcome psychological purchasing barriers and eliminate the risk of buyer's remorse.


Product descriptions should be uniquely tailored to each channel. If you reuse descriptions verbatim, Google will prioritize indexation of the most popular website - typically Amazon - and decrease the Page Rank of the other channels where the same exact text is used.

Know your audience

Customer personas vary from channel to channel. Amazon shoppers value low prices but are willing to sacrifice for convenience. They trust product reviews and willing to try new brands that are highly reviewed. Walmart and eBay shoppers are deal hunters and are typically looking for a specific brand that they trust. Your own webstore should have a unique and consistent personality in line with your brand. Humor, playfulness and helpfulness are important characteristics which contribute to increased conversion rates and repeat purchasing. Study, interview and understand your target customer and the words they're using to find your products and give your descriptions personality!

Content playbook

Always include the product name (title), brand, part number and important keywords that describe the product's features and benefits. Your writing should be easy to follow and contain facts that build credibility with your audience.

Overcome purchasing fears

Using words and phrases such as "essential", "perfect", "incredible value", "must have", "no-brainer", and "incredible steal" will eliminate the psychological hurdle associated with purchasing and reduce the risk of buyer's remorse.

Finally, we suggest experimenting with customer quotes to introduce social confirmation that the customer will be satisfied with their purchase.

These slippers changed my life. I can't imagine life without them. - Sally from Nebraska

As much love and effort that goes into your product descriptions should be given to your titles, bullet points, images, meta titles, meta descriptions, email and promotional content.

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