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January 1, 2021

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The Glossary of Amazon Listing Errors

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Interested in Guest Blogging for Zentail's Insider Blog?

We're excited to chat! Zentail Insider is a leading hub for online merchants looking for the freshest ecommerce advice and perspectives.

We welcome contributors, though we have, admittedly, strict standards. Our editors aren't scared to whip out their red pens if content doesn't meet our normal standards. To save you time, we've listed out our requirements and guidelines here.

Please review these carefully. If you have any questions, feel free to email news@zentail.com.

Due to a high volume of requests, we may not be able to respond to every single pitch we receive. However, you can grab our attention by attaching a draft of your blog or a detailed outline of what you plan to write. We typically do not reply to general or generic requests asking to blog to our site without extra context about the post you plan to write for Zentail. (Read: don't simply send us a list of topics or links to blogs you've already written. We want to know what thoughts you have prepared for Zentail Insider, and how you plan to write about them.) 

You can also send us a news tip or opinion separately from a blog request. Use the subject line "Blog Tip/Opinion: [Your Idea]" when you email us, or submit your requests on this Google form.

Our Core Readership

Zentail Insider was created to specifically serve sellers who are selling on (or are interested in selling on) Amazon, Walmart Marketplace, eBay and other third-party marketplaces. They typically manage their own websites as well and have at least a few year's of ecommerce experience under their belts. The average reader is already familiar with the basics of ecommerce and is seeking more advanced, experience-backed tips from sellers or industry experts like themselves.

Guest Blog Requirements

The most successful contributors have previous ecommerce experience and a strong, unique perspective on subjects that matter to fast-growing ecommerce businesses. They are data driven, and go beyond surface-level content. In addition, every post on Zentail is...

  • Original. We do not publish content that's offered anywhere else, either before or after being published to Zentail.
  • High quality. This includes proper grammar (we follow the AP Stylebook), well thought-out arguments and a clear organization of content. Information should also go beyond 101-level advice and speak to more intermediate strategies.
  • Data or experience-backed. All advice, opinions or reporting should be backed by data, quotes or personal experience that's properly attributed.
  • Non-promotional. We do not allow more than two links to your company's website in the body of your blog, unless otherwise agreed upon. Zentail also reserves the right to remove any copy, links or media that are simply there to promote your product or service.
  • (Mostly) long form. While we recognize that some blogs may not need as many words to get their point across, we generally maintain a 1,200 word minimum.
  • Strong voice. Writing style and tone should match Zentail Insider. Copy should be authoritative. Feel free to add a bit of personality too! At all costs, avoid overly cheesy, jargon-y or buzzword-y language.
  • Linked to other Zentail posts. Take the time to study other Zentail blogs, and link to at least two other blogs in your article.

The Submission and Editing Process

If your blog meets the above requirements, we'd love to talk! Here's how to submit your post and what to expect from the editing process.

  1. Submit your post to news@zentail.com. Include an outline or first draft of your blog.
  2. Keep an eye on your email. Our editors will reply within 10 business days of receiving your email. If you don't receive a response by then, your post is no longer being considered.
  3. If approved, our editors will send a confirmation email and put it through the first round of reviews. Assuming that you've submitted a draft, our editors will give it a thorough read and send any feedback in the form of a Google Doc.
  4. Review feedback and edit your draft within the expected timeframe that our editors provide.
  5. Zentail will finalize and publish your blog. If after the second draft, our editors recommend or make any larger edits to the post, you will be notified of the change. Zentail also reserves the right to reject blogs at any point of the editing process if blogs fail to meet our quality standards (rest assured that we're not here to waste anybody's time! So we'll try to identify any issues early on).
  6. Promote and enjoy! Once published, your blog will be promoted across our social channels and/or our newsletter. We encourage you to share your work with your network as well. Our goal is to make sure that any blog you publish on Zentail Insider is one you'll be proud of.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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